DVD Index

American MusicAMVD-1New Orleans Drumming165/50
ArborsARDVD-1Flip Phillips’ 80th Birthday187/58
ArborsARDVD-2Ruby Braff and Ralph Sutton189/58
Artists HouseISBN 0-6340-7763-5I Love The Trumpet (Instructie DVD door Warren Vache192/62
Blue Note Records7243 4 90872 9 3One night at Blue Note190/48
Bluebird82876600882Benny Goodman188/49
BluebirdunknownColeman Hawkins188/49
CharlySDVD 001Jazz On A Summer’s Day177/43, 187/57
Columbia Music VideoCVD 49024Satchmo189/57
Columbia Music VideoCVD 49186Benny Goodman: Adventures In The Kingdom of Swing189/57
CVR31015Woody Allen “Sweet And Low Down”175/55
Documentary Plus04440Thelonious Monk, American Compose (doc.)190/48
Eagle Vision3022072Milt Jackson, Clark Terry, etc.188/49
Eagle Vision3092074Roy Eldridge188/49
Eagle Vision3092075Oscar Peterson188/49
Eagle Vision3092077Ray Bryant188/49
Eagle VisionEREDV250Diana Krall + band189/58
Eagle VisionEREDV383Benny Carter 1977189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV412Marylou Williams189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV422Count Basie jam 1975189/55
Eagle VisionEREDV424Ella & Basie – The Perfect Match189/57
Eagle VisionEREDV426Clark Terry Sextet 1977189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV427Dizzy Gillespie Sextet 1977189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV428Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV429Jazz At The Philharmonic 1975189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV430Tommy Flanagan Trio189/56
Eagle VisionEREDV459Oscar Peterson 1975189/56
EFORAfter Hours/Jazz Dance187/57
EFORFILMS2869002Sonny Criss188/50
EFORFILMS2869004Zoot Sims, Shelley Manne188/50
EFORFILMS2869010Legendary New Orleans Musicians188/50
Euro Arts10 5149 9 DV-JWCASWestcoast All Stars183/53
FDM36662-9Birelli Lagrene & Friends189/45
Hot Jazz Festival Eur.ParkINAK 6403The Big Chris Barber Band. Life 25-2-2002191/45
HUD700161Classic Drum Solos and Drum Battles175/55
Idem Home VideoIDVD 1002Jimmy Witherspoon w Ben Webster189/59
Idem Home VideoIDVD 1037Duke Jordan Trio & Clark Terry, Copenhagen190/48
Idem Home VideoIDVD 1057Jammin’The Blues, Downbeat Award 1951, JATP 1950, Miles Davis 1959189/59
Idem Home VideoIDVD1003Count Basie188/50
Idem Home VideoIDVD1005Sonny Rollins Quartet188/50
Idem Home VideoIDVD1006Art Pepper Quartet188/50
Idem Home VideoIDVD1017Nat King Cole188/50
Idem Home VideoIDVD1024Louis Jordan188/50
Idem Home VideoIDVD1053Big Band Legends183/53
Idem Home VideoIDVD1054Tribute to Charlie Parker183/53
Idem Home VideoIDVD1055Boogie Woogie & Rhythm ‘n’ Blues188/50
Idem Home VideoJazz Casual: Muggsy Spanier & h band & Joe Sullivan177/42
Idem Home VideoB.B. King & Turk Murphy177/42
Idem Home VideoLouis Armstrong & Earl hines a h Trio177/42
Idem Home Video177/42
Idem Home Video177/42
IDVD205050-5Dutch Swing College Band – 60 Years, 1945 – 2005190/47
Inspire Music500712Count Basie  and band, Carnegie Hall 20-3-1981190/48
KINO Video45The best of Jazz & Blues. Vol.1192/61
KINO Video48The best of Big Bands & Swing. Vol.2192/61
Kino VidoK159New Orleans – Rhapsody In Black And Blue – Symphonie In Black189/58
KulturD2242Erroll Garner In Performance181/44
MAWA Film & MedienNorman Granz Presents Improvisation181/44
Music On EarthMoE001Stepahe Grappelli – A Life in the Jazz Century177/33, 181/43
MVDCBM960092TV CBC material, incl Ellington, Calloway, Ella, Eckstine189/59
MVDDJ-855Duke Ellington, Mexico 1968189/58
no label7323218Fats Waller: The Joint Is Jumpin’177/43
no labelCDR 31015Speelfilm Sweet And Lowdown177/43
no labelDuke Ellington Copenhagen Concert 1965175/55
no labelDuke Ellington Copenhagen Concert 1967175/55
no labelDuke Ellington Copenhagen Concert 1969175/55
no labelDuke Ellington Copenhagen Concert 1971175/55
Passport VideoDVD1520Louis Armstrong – 100th Anniversary181/43
PBS VideoB8427DPreservation Hall Jazz Band. A night in New Orleans191/45
Pioneer ArtistsPA-990605-DCelebrating Bird181/44
Planet Song8638Chris Barber. Walking to New Orleans (1982)190/47
Playboy JazzPBV9043Bix Beiderbecke – Ain’t None Of Them Play Like Him yet181/43
Princess Films0927 44936Swing 2002188/51
Quantum Leap0246Duke Ellington – 650131 Falcon Theater Copenhagen177/43
Quantum Leap0249Duke Ellington – 670123 DRTV Centrum Copenhagen177/43
Quantum Leap0252Duke Ellington – 691102 Tivoli Concert hall Copenhagen177/43
Quantum LeapDJ-864George Shearing 1981189/58
Quantum LeapQLDVD 0373The 1962 Newport JazzFestival187/58
Quantum LeapQLDVD 6112The Fabulous Dorseys187/57
Riff Raff JazzTom Baker’s Chicago Seven & Guests187/25
Shanachie6317Willie the Lion189/57
Shanachie6324Bob Wilber and the Smithsonian Jazz Rep.Ens. S.Bechet191/45
Shanachie6324Bob Wilber and the Smithsonian Repertory Ensemble192/61
Storyville4960323The Blues188/51
Storyville4960543Ruby Braff Trio188/51
Storyville4960683Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band188/51
Storyville4960743Goodyear Jazz Festival Duke Ellington, Mike Bryan, Bobby Hackett188/51
Storyville4960053The Big Bands. Vol.2 (1950-1952 oa Ch.Barnet, Les Brown)191/45
Storyville4960513The Black Bands (oa. Calloway, Millinder, Kirk, Eckstine)191/46
Storyville4990013Chris Barber 40 Years Jubilee Concert190/47
Thelonious RecordsTMF9316Thelonious Monk188/49
TimelessChris Barber’s Jazz Band185/67
Trema831860Sass ‘n’ Brass187/58
UAP49030/49031America’s Music Of The Fourties181/43
Umbrella MusicDAVID 0136Lady Day – The Many Faces Of Billie Holiday189/58
Universal22635Glenn Miller Story187/57
Universal22636Benny Goodman Story187/57
Universal822 346-9The Cotton Club (Film 1984)191/46
unknown13090Free And Equal Blues (w Josh White)181/45
unknownunknownDuke Ellington – In Hollywood181/45
unknownunknownCount Basie181/45
unknownunknownDizzy Gillespie – Jivin’ In Bebop181/45
unknownunknownVerzamel DVD Bundle Of Blues, Jitterbug Party, Band Parade, a.o.189/59
unknownBeau Hunks At The Concertgebouw181/44
View Video2351Music in the Key of Oscar. (doc.over Oscar Peterson)190/48
Warner Bros.65286The Broadway Melody (MGM film 1929)192/61
Warner Bros.Z7 65713Hogh Society187/57
Warner Music Vision2564 60059-2Vintage Getz (openlucht concert 1983)191/46
Warner Music VisionunknownVintage Collection 1958-1961 Ahmad Jamal, Ben Webster, a.o.189/59
Whoope Band RecordsVDI-92Bob Kerr and the Whoopee Band191/45
Yazoo512Times Ain’t Like they Used To Be177/42
Yazoo514At The Jazz Band ball177/42
ZYX3069Chris Barber & Dr.John. Live in London192/61