CD Index

504CDS 80Reg Koeller’s New Orleans Hot Shots177/52
????The Riverboat Jazz BandRiverboat Jubilee….Jazz for half a Century192/52
????South Jazz BandHighlights of the South Jazz Band (50 jr. Jub.) 3 CD’s192/56
????Lollo Meier & Andre DonniHondarribia192/70
????Phoenix Jazz BandLive at Concertgebouw Brugge192/72
504504 CD 31The Larry Borenstein CollectionVol.2.  Willy Pajeaud 1955 en Kid Thomas 1957138/38
504CD 23Ken ColyerUnknown Recordings Made in New Orleans142/49
504CD 23Ken ColyerUnknown New Orleans Sessions w Ray Burke145/45
504 RecordsCD50George Lewisw Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen 1957 Manchester pt1164/42
504 RecordsCD51George Lewisw Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen 1957 Manchester pt2150/40, 164/42
Aces Series310Aces Of SyncopationKitano Walk184/77
Aces Series0510Bob van Oven & The Black and Blue MastersBack to the Game190/70
Aces Series9510Aces Of SwingTribute To The Muic Of john Kirby & Charlie Shavers152/28
AcrobatAMCD 4203Willis “Gator Tail”  JacksonLater for the Gator192/48
ACUM20507Bubblin’ Toorop TrioLaughin’ In Rhythm148/30
AGGIE001Ray Kaart / Adam Spoo QuintetJazz For Malawi167/46
AgramAB2016Edith Johnson1929 – QRS, Paramount, Vocalion143/47
Agram BluesABCD 2017Roosevelt’s Blues
Alley CatNo NumberCoton City Jazz Band1962-2002 40th Anniversary180/67
AlligatorALCD 4810Sippie WallaceWoman Be Wise (1966)141/37
Amercan MusicAMCD-21The George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band of N.O.The Oxford series vol.1134/38
American MusicACD-170Lee Wiley153/33
American MusicACD-170Maxine Sullivan153/33
American MusicAM CD4George LewisTrios and Bands138/37
American MusicAMCD 1Bunk JohnsonThe King of the Blues133/39
American MusicAMCD 21George Lewis New Orleans Ragtime BandThe Oxford Series. Volume 1133/40
American MusicAMCD 24George Lewis Ragtime Jazz BandOxford Series Vol. 4141/35
American MusicAMCD 30George Lewis Ragtime JazzbandOxford Series Vol. 10144/34
American MusicAMCD 35Paul Barbarin’s Jazz BandOxford Series Vol. 15144/34
American MusicAMCD 48Kid ThomasDance Hall Years144/34
American MusicAMCD-1Bunk JohnsonThe king of the blues. 1944-’45131/49
American MusicAMCD-10Kid Thomas143/45
American MusicAMCD-10Kid Thomas and his Algiers StompersThe First Recordings144/37
American MusicAMCD-102Emile Barnes harmony Four159/43
American MusicAMCD-103Joe Darensbourg & h Dixie Flyers1957 Live160/43
American MusicAMCD-109Muggsy Spanier In New Orleans1938-1955174/59
American MusicAMCD-11Dink Johnson & Charlie ThompsonThe Piano Players142/36
American MusicAMCD-110Eureka Brass Band In Rehearsal1956172/56
American MusicAMCD-111Eureka Brass Band In Rehearsal1956172/56
American MusicAMCD-112George LewisAt Castle Farm 1964176/62
American MusicAMCD12Bunk Johnson & George Lewis1944/45145/43
American MusicAMCD-14Mobile Strugglers, Louis James String BandString Bands154/41
American MusicAMCD-15Bunk Johnsonplays popular songs161/46
American MusicAMCD-17Baby Dodds149/31
American MusicAMCD-18Natty Dominique’s Creole Jazz Band146/35
American MusicAMCD-2George Lewis with Kid Shots1944135/39
American MusicAMCD-22George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band of NOThe Oxford Series Vol.2136/49
American MusicAMCD-23George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band of NOThe Oxford Series Vol.3136/49
American MusicAMCD-25/26George Lewis Ragtime Jazz BandOxford Series 1953141/33
American MusicAMCD-27/28George Lewis’Ragtime BandOxford Series142/36
American MusicAMCD-29George Lewis’ Ragtime BandOxford Series Vol. 9143/45
American MusicAMCD-29George Lewis143/45
American MusicAMCD-29George Lewis Ragtime JazzbandOxford Series Vol. 9145/44
American MusicAMCD-31George LewisOxford Series150/38
American MusicAMCD-32George LewisOxford Series150/38
American MusicAMCD-33George Lewis Ragtime BandOxford Series Vol. 13158/37
American MusicAMCD-34George Lewis Ragtime BandOxford Series Vol. 14158/37
American MusicAMCD-36Paul BarbarinOxford Series Vol. 16153/33
American MusicAMCD-40Kid Howard, Andy Anderson, Punch MillerThe Prelude to the Revival. Vol.1 (1937-’41)138/47
American MusicAMCD-41Kid Rena, Bunk JohnsonThe Prelude to the Revival. Vol.2 (1940-’42)138/47
American MusicAMCD-42/43Bunk Johnson1944140/34
American MusicAMCD-44John Reid Collection1940-1944140/34
American MusicAMCD-45Bunk Johnson & Mutt Carey142/36
American MusicAMCD-46Bunk Johnson & LeadbellyN.Y. Town Hall143/45
American MusicAMCD-46Bunk & Leadbellyat New York Town hall 1947145/53
American MusicAMCD-48Kid ThomasThe Dance Hall Years Anytime147/44
American MusicAMCD-49Kid Thomas143/45
American MusicAMCD-49Kid Thomas Valentien’s Creole Jazzband1959145/44
American MusicAMCD-5Wooden Joe Nicholas138/48
American MusicAMCD-52Punch Miller150/38
American MusicAMCD-53Juanita Hall153/33
American MusicAMCD-55Paul barnes150/38
American MusicAMCD-56Steve Angrum & George Lewisw Kid Sheik’s Band160/43
American MusicAMCD-57Punch MillerDelegates Of Pleasure171/56
American MusicAMCD-59George Lewis & Creole George Guesnon159/43
American MusicAMCD-6Bunk’s Brass Band and Dance Band1945139/37
American MusicAMCD-60George Lewis, Charlie Love, Louis nelson146/35
American MusicAMCD-66Albert Warner’s Brown Buddies& Albert Jiles’Onzaga Owls161/46
American MusicAMCD68Punch Miller & Louis Gallaud145/43
American MusicAMCD-7Big Eye Louis Nelson Delisle1949139/37
American MusicAMCD-70Eureka Brass BandNew Orleans Funeral and Parade139/37
American MusicAMCD-71George Lewis / Red Allen139/37
American MusicAMCD-72Mutt Carey, Lee Collinsacc Hociel Thomas, Chippie Hill144/34, 146/49
American MusicAMCD-73Lizzie Miles149/31
American MusicAMCD-74George Lewis bandAt Otto’s party146/37
American MusicAMCD-75Or. Zenuth Brass Band, Eclipse Alley Five, Avery-Tillman band146/35
American MusicAMCD-79/80DeDe & Billie Pierce1962 Concert
American MusicAMCD-81DeDe Pierce & h N.O. StompersVol. 3149/31
American MusicAMCD-82DeDe Pierce & h N.O. StompersVol. 4149/31
American MusicAMCD-83George Lewis150/38
American MusicAMCD-84Barnes/Bocage Big Five152/32
American MusicAMCD-85George Lewis At Manny’s Tavern152/32
American MusicAMCD-85George LewisAt Manny’s Tavern154/44
American MusicAMCD-86Emile Barnes’ Louisiana Joy Makers152/32
American MusicAMCD-88Percy Humphrey & h Sympathy Five& Blind Gilbert154/41
American MusicAMCD-89Buster Wilson w Mutt Carey1947-1949157/40
American MusicAMCD–9Herb Morand’s Original Creole Stompers1949141/33
American MusicAMCD-90Kid Ory at Chrystal Pier157/40
American MusicAMCD-91Kid Sheik’s Swingsters1961157/40
American MusicAMCD-93Peter Bocage Creole Serenaders
American MusicAMCD-94Paul Barnes Quartet/Emile Barnes Quartet167/37
American MusicAMCDS-60Charlie Love w George Lewis & Louis NelsonAlabamy Bound152/35
American MusicCD 41Kid Rena, Bunk JohnsonPrelude To The Revival140/36
American MusicCD-16Bunk JohnsonBJ in San Francisco139/37
AMG005The RamblersAt The ramblers ball167/45
ArborsARCD 19129The Magnificent SevenNewport Beach Sessio163/48
ArborsARCD 19143Dan Barrett & Tom bakerin Australia163/48
ArborsARCD 19147Kenny Davern157/58
ArborsARCD 19150/51Jack Teagarden1954157/58
ArborsARCD 19159Bryan ShawNight Owl172/68
ArborsARCD 19165Ruby BraffYou Can Depend On Me163/48
ArborsARCD 19172Bobby GordonPlays Bing163/48
ArborsARCD 19175Wild Bill Davison“Pretty Wild” & “With Strings Attached”172/69
ArborsARCD 19180Andy FieldingPlaying For Keeps172/67
ArborsARCD 19181Andy Fielding & Rick FayTunes For Tommy166/50
ArborsARCD 19183Bob Wilber & Kenny DavernReunion at Arbors163/48
ArborsARCD 19187Ray ShermanPiano Chicago Style164/43
ArborsARCD 19191Dan BarrettMelody In Swing173/61
ArborsARCD 19192Arbors Records SamplerVol. 1163/49
ArborsARCD 19193Bob Wilber & Dick HymanA Perfect match163/48
ArborsARCD 19194Ruby BraffVariety Is The Spice Of Braff179/71
ArborsARCD 19195Tommy New som & Ken PeplowskiThe Feeling Of Jazz166/50
ArborsARCD 19196The Wolverines Of Bernat 35162/55, 163/48
ArborsARCD 19197Dick Herman & Derek SmithAt The Movies164/43
ArborsARCD 19199Johnny Varro Swing 7Afterglow164/43
ArborsARCD 19200Ben AronovThe Best Thing For me163/48
ArborsARCD 19202Bob Wilber& International March Of jazz All Stars165/65
ArborsARCD 19203Ruby BraffBorn To Play165/65
ArborsARCD 19205Rick Fay with StringsWith A Song In My Heart164/43
ArborsARCD 19207Kenny DavernSmiles166/50
ArborsARCD 19209The PizzarellisBucky And John164/43
ArborsARCD 19209The PizzarellisContrasts170/65
ArborsARCD 19210Walt Levinsky In ConcertAs He Wanted To Be Remembered182/72
ArborsARCD 19212Scott RobinsonPlays C-Melody Saxophone170/70
ArborsARCD 19213Jerry JeromeSomething Borrowed / Soemting Blue177/67
ArborsARCD 19214Dick WellstoodA Night In Dublin174/71
ArborsARCD 19219Ruby BraffIn The Wee Small Hours In London And New York170/66
ArborsARCD 19220Larry Eanet Quartet feat. Ron HockettSunset Stomp166/50
ArborsARCD 19221Ruby BraffMusic For The Still Of The Night175/71
ArborsARCD 19222Ruby BraffThe Cape Codfather171/66
ArborsARCD 19223Bobby Gordon & Dave McKennaClarinet Blue171/67
ArborsARCD 19225Frank Roberscheuten / Dan BarrettA Portrait Of The Duke173/67
ArborsARCD 19226Bucky Pizzarelli, John Bunch, Jay LeonhardtManhattan Swing: a visit with the Duke175/74
ArborsARCD 19227Bucky PizzarelliApril Kisses171/68
ArborsARCD 19228Dan Barr & Rebecca Gilmore“Being A Bearr”, Jazz For The Whole Family172/70
ArborsARCD 19229Bob Wil & Tuxedo Big BandFletcher Henderson’s Unrecorded Arrangements For Benny Goodman171/66
ArborsARCD 19232Dan Barrett & Blue Swingfeat. Rebecca Kilgore171/65
ArborsARCD 19234Engelbert Wröbel’s Swing Societyfeat. Dan Barrtett: Sophisticated Swing172/71
ArborsARCD 19235Chris HopkinsDaybreak173/74
ArborsARCD 19236Eddie HigginsTime On My Hands172/66
ArborsARCD 19237Ross TompkinsYounger Than Springtime176/77
ArborsARCD 19238Kenny DavernA Night With Eddie Condon174/74
ArborsARCD 19239Chuck HedgesJust For Fun177/75
ArborsARCD 19242Johnny Varro Swing 7Swingin’ On W 57th Street174/71
ArborsARCD 19243Johnny Varro Quartet W Jon-Erik KellsoAll That Jazz177/66
ArborsARCD 19244Ruby BraffI Hear Music178/74
ArborsARCD 19245Ralph Sutton and Johnny VarroA Pair Of Kings175/79
ArborsARCD 19246Kenny Davern & Ken PeplowskiKennection178/76
ArborsARCD 19247Derek SmithHigh Energie178/75
ArborsARCD 19248Dick Hyman & John SheridanForgotten Dreams179/75
ArborsARCD 19249George Masso TentetAt Long Last Love174/75
ArborsARCD 19251Tommy NewsonFriendly Fire176/69
ArborsARCD 19252Skitch HendersonSwinging The Strings176/75
ArborsARCD 19253All Star Jazz Band dir. Dick hamiltonDick Cary’s Tuesday Night Friends175/77
ArborsARCD 19254Bucky PizzarelliOne Morning In May175/76
ArborsARCD 19255Rebecca Kilgore And Dave FrishbergThe Starlit Hour177/71
ArborsARCD 19256Michael Moore TrioHistory Of Jazz Vol. 2: Dedications182/65
ArborsARCD 19257Chuck ReddAll This And Heaven Too181/64
ArborsARCD 19258Johnny FrigoDNA Exposed177/65
ArborsARCD 19259Daryl ShermanA Hundred Miracles182/73
ArborsARCD 19260Ruby BraffYou Brought A New Kind Of Love189/74
ArborsARCD 19261John Allred & Wycliffe GordonHead To Head179/75
ArborsARCD 19262John Sheridan Dream BandGet Rhythm In Your Feet181/64
ArborsARCD 19264Dave MckennaIntimate Evening179/74
ArborsARCD 19265All StarsAt Bob Haggarts 80th Birthday179/76
ArborsARCD 19266Dick Hyman, Derek Smith, Ralph SuttonPiano Giants181/71
ArborsARCD 19267Kings Of Jazz Featuring Kenny DavernLive In Concert 1974183/77
ArborsARCD 19268George Wein Plays And SingsWein, Women And Song179/67
ArborsARCD 19269Ruby Braff And Dick HymanAmerica The Beautiful181/75
ArborsARCD 19271Bix Beiderbecke Centennial All-StarsCelebrating Bix!181/74
ArborsARCD 19272John BunchA Special Alliance181/66
ArborsARCD 19273Chuck Hedges Milaukee ConnectionJust Jammin’182/64
ArborsARCD 19274The Music Of Bob HaggartDir. Randy Sandke180/75
ArborsARCD 19275Jazz Ambassador Scott RobinsonPlays Compositions Of Louis Armstrong188/69
ArborsARCD 19277Bobby Gordon & Bob WilberYearnings184/63
ArborsARCD 19278Ruby Braff QartetWatch What Happens182/73
ArborsARCD 19278John Sheridan TrioArtistry 3189/74
ArborsARCD 19280Hpward Alden / Dan Barrett QuintetLive in ’95189/74
ArborsARCD 19281Flip Phillips80th Birthday181/70
ArborsARCD 19282Bob Wilber& Tu185-Edo Big Band Vol.2185/80
ArborsARCD 19283Dick Hyman And Tom PletcherIf Bix Played Gershwin186/78
ArborsARCD 19285Skitch Henderson & Bucky PizzarelliLegends184/71
ArborsARCD 19286Drummer Danny O’BrienMeets Manhattan Swing185/64
ArborsARCD 19288Allen VachéAnd Friends185/63
ArborsARCD 19291Dave FrishbergDo You Miss New York?185/62
ArborsARCD 19292Johnny VarroSolo185/63
ArborsARCD 19293Johnny Varro TrioPure Imagination189/73
ArborsARCD 19294Michiko Ogawa TrioIt’s All About Love!183/71
ArborsARCD 19295Professor Peter O’BrienJazz Piano Of A Celtic Soul185/73
ArborsARCD 19296Kenny Davern QuartetAt The Mill Hill185/64
ArborsARCD 19297Ralph SuttonWondrous Piano: Private Family Recordings 1961183/70
ArborsARCD 19299Metz’n AroundNight Party185/64
ArborsARCD 19301Hannah Richardson and Phil FlaniganSimply…..with Spirit192/73
ArborsARCD 19305Bob DoroughSunday At The Iridium189/73
ArborsARCD 19306Bucky PizzarelliFlashes187/72
ArborsARCD 19308Flip PhillipsLive At Beowulf189/75
ArborsARCD 19309John Sheridan’s Dream BandEasy as it gets192/71
ArborsARCD 19311Ruby Braff and his BuddiesControled Nochalance at the Regatta Bar. Vol.2192/78
ArborsSOJCD 202Statesmen Of Jazz / Buddy De FrancoMultitude Of Stars / Cookin’ The Books187/76
ArborsARCD 19284Ralph Sutton & Dick CaryRendezvous at Sunnie’s 1969191/69
ArborsARCD 19310Dick Hyman and Randy SandkeNow and Again191/74
ArborsARCD 19313Randy ReinhartAs long as I live191/70
ArborsARCD19304Sara CaswellBut Beautiful191/61
ArborsARCD19312Tommy Newsom and his Octo-Pussycats191/61
ArborsARCD19315Kenny Davern QuartetIn concert at the Outpost Performance, Albequerque 2004191/61
Arbors RecordsARCD 19307Five PlayFive Play …. Plus190/67
Archeophone3002The Complete Hit-Of-The-Week RecordingsVol. 1188/61
A-RecordsAL 73094CapelinoWay To Go159/39
A-RecordsAL 73248Boris VanderLekBlue and Sentimental190/68
A-RecordsARP 73039DoohackedoodlesListen To The Mockingbird152/44
A-RecordsLC 3307Flying Dutchman Jazz BandIn Full Swing161/59
ArhhoolieCD 453L. C. Robinson157/41
ArhooieCD 408Whistlin’ Alex Moore147/42
Arhoolie398Mance Lipscomb1964144/33
ArhoolieCD 419Robert Pete Williams, etcAngola Prisoner’s Blues158/41
ArhoolieCD 448Prison Worksongs161/47
ArhoolieCD 465Mance LipscombCaptain, Captain163/51
ARP73065Doohackedoodles Jazz BandThe Red Nose Reindeer156/35
Audio ParkAPCD 6003Paper HitsVol. 1 (Hit Of The Week 1930-1931)178/70
Audio ParkAPCD 6007Paper HitsVol. 2 (Hit Of The Week 1931-1932179/73
Audio ParkAPCD 6011Sweet & Hot Dance BandsVol. 1 Victor Recordings 1927-1931182/76
Audio ParkAPCD 6015Paper HitsVol.3 Hit Of The Week 1930-1932184/67
Audio ParkAPCD 6019Sweet & Hot Dance BandsVol. 2188/61
Audio ParkAPCD 6101Early Bop  Scene1944-1949186/71
Audio ParkAPCD 6102Modern Style Clarinetists1947-1953187/69
Audio ParkAPCD-6023Sweet & Hot Dance Bandsvol.3 Columbia recordings 1926-1931191/72
AudiophileACD-110Cole Porter melodies
AudiophileACD-111Thelma Carpenter161/46
AudiophileACD-116Frances Gershwin157/40
AudiophileACD-125Barbara Leato Lee Wiley154/41
AudiophileACD-128Maxine Sullivan & Art Hodes TrioWe Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye152/32
AudiophileACD-17Cliff EdwardsLang-Worth Atchive150/38
AudiophileACD-196Warren vachéFirst Time Out144/34
AudiophileACD-216Cleo Brownw Marion McPartland154/41
AudiophileACD-220Hoagy Carmichael141/33
AudiophileACD-281Dorothy Donegan1981 piano recordings150/38
AudiophileACD-285Koen de Cautertribute to the music of George Brassens158/37
AudiophileACD-286Connie Francis156/38
AudiophileACD-287Mike Campbell159/43
AudiophileACD-295Daryl Sherman & John Cocuzzi156/39
AudiophileACD-297Audrey Morris159/43
AudiophileACD-302Joyce Breach w Hal Smith Band161/46
AudiophileACD-45Jerome Kern161/46
AudiophileACD-54George Gershwin161/46
AudubonADBCD1AudubonAllez! Roulez!187/74
Australian Jazz ReissuesAjr001/002The Famous Pix Sessions187/71
AXISAX 701583Graeme Bell1947 – 1952 (EMI Australia Recordings)133/49
AzureAZ-CD-12Oscar Papa Celestin, Sam Morgan140/51
AzureAZ-CD-13Piron’s New Orleans Orchestra144/44
AzureAZ-CD-14Stece Lane’s Famous Red Hot Peppersand Pam – Easy Come, Easy Go140/51
AzureAZ-CD-15Steve Lane’s Famous Red Hot StompersMy Little Bimbo161/60
AzureAZ-CD-16Steve Lane’s Famous Red Hot Stompersand Pam: In memoriam Brian Chadwick164/54
AzureAZ-CD-18Steve Lane’s Famous Red Hot StompersBarrelhouse177/58
AzureAZ-CD-19Chris Watford’s Chicago FeetwarmersFeat. Charlie Connor181/58
AzureAZ-CD-33Ken Colyer Jazz QuartetLive At Pizza Express150/52
AzureAZ-CD-34Ken Colyer Jazz QuartetWrap Your Troublws In Dreams161/60
B&WBwcd9Celebration Of Classic Jazz And RagtimeVol. 1 Old Parliament House183/68
B&W MusicNo NumberGraeme BellReunion Band188/68
Back In TimeBitr001Josh Duffee OrchestraTribute To Jean Goldkette187/66
Basta30-9083-2Beau HunksAmerican Music Of Ferde Grofe163/59
Basta30-9087-2Guido NielsenJoseph Lamb – Complete Stark rags164/53
Basta30-9097-2Metropole Orkest O.L.V. Jan Stulen feat. Beau Hunks SaxtetteRaymond Scott, The Chesterfield Arrangements169/59
Basta30-9106Raymond ScottThe Secret Seven185/71
Basta30-9109Raymond Scott QuintetMicrophone Music181/61
Basta30-9119-2Metropole Orkest O.L.V. Jan StulenGrofe & Gershwin183/76
Basta30-9128-2Beau Hunks Saxophone SextetteContrastst182/74
BattleOBCD 581Memphis SlimEarly 1960s155/39
BattleOBCD 585Jimmy Witherspoon1965/66155/39
BBC2349Elaine McKeownfeat. Sammy Rimington141/36
BBCCD-643Duke EllingtonGreat Original Performances (1928-1934)135/38
BBCCD-686Duke EllingtonSwing 1930 1938135/38
BBCCD 685Henry Red Allen1929-1936132/49
BCD52Peter BocageAt Jacinto Hall185/78
BCD1008Bohem Ragtime Jazz BandJust A Closer Walk With Thee148/32
BearCD42King Pleasure & His Biscuit BoysSmack Dab In The Middle165/62
BeerendonkBR 99938Sammy Rimington & Walter’s Jazzmen163/42
BeerendonkBR 99939David Livingstone JazzmessengersCorinne, Corinna169/62
BeerendonkBR 99941/006Sammy Rimington’s Jubilee New Orleans BandPlays for George Lewis169/53
BeerendonkBR 99943Wendell Brunious& New Orleans Roof Jazzmen174/63
BeerendonkBR 99945New Iberia Jazz BandLive At Burgundy Street176/64, 178/59
BeerendonkBR 99946Superior Dance BandThe Love I Had For You178/59
BeerendonkBR 99950The N’awlins Brass BandBourbon Street Parade188/65
BeerendonkBR 99951Miss Lulu White’s Red Hot Creole Jazz BandSnatches Of Miss Lulu Vol. 2188/71
BeerendonkBR 99953Jos de BrouwerDifferent Moods!191/76
BeerendonkBR 99954Midlife Revival Jazz BandLive at Vredenburg192/72
BeerendonkBR99931Never Mind Jazz BandThe Pearls128/4
Beerendonk RecordsBR 99948A Classic Jazz MeetingAt the BurgundynStreet Jazz Club190/73
Beerendonk RecordsBR99932CDThe David Livingstone Jazz MessengersIn de Klothoeve131/36
Best Of Jazz4024Duke Ellington1927-1941155/37
BGO392John Lee Hooker164/44
BGO397Muddy Waters164/44
Big BeatBBB004The Big Beat Band with Sammy RimingtonOnly for dancers191/65
Big Easy RecordsCD-005Echoes Of New Orleans143/48
BiographBCd 126Blind Willie McTell1950143/47
BiographBCD 144Leadbelly & Blind Willie McTell155/39
BiographBCD 145Bukka White155/39
BJMCD01Second Line Jazz BandJazz Tattoo153/36
Black And Blue39233-2Duke EllingtonDE masterpieces vol.1 1938-’40138/34
Black And Blue59231-2Duke EllingtonDE trumpeters138/35
Black And Blue59232-2Duke EllingtonDE plays the Blues 1927-’39138/33
Black And Blue59234-2Duke EllingtonDE jungle style 1927-’38138/34
Black And Blue59239-2Johnny Hodges1937-’39138/35
Black LionBLCD 760501Ken ColyerPainting the clouds with sunshine132/35
Black LionBLCD 760502Chris BarberLive in East Berlin132/46
Black LionBLCD 760503Alex WelshClassic Concert, Dresden132/46
Black LionBLCD 760504Humphrey LyttletonMovin’ and Groovin’132/46
Black LionBLCD760501Ken ColyerPainting the clouds with sunshine131/49
Black SwanBSCD-30Hometown SkiffleParamount Blues160/43
Black SwanBSCD-7Ida Cox
Black SwanHCD 12012Paramount Piano BluesVol. 2 Lewis, Ezell, Brown, etc.144/33
Black SwanHCD-12005Ma RaineyVol. 5 Black Cat Hoot Owl149/31
Black SwanHCD-12012Paramount Piano Blues140/34
Black SwanHCD-21/22Charley PattonComplete Recordings148/27
Black SwanHCD-23Suitcase Blues152/32
Black SwanParamount Piano BluesVol. 3143/45
Black SwanBSCD-30Bl. Roosevelt Graves, Buddy Boy Hawkins, etc.161/47
Blue Black Jazz RecordsDiamond FiveFinally After Forty Years177/29
Blue JackBJJR 005Diamond FiveHistoric Recordings 1959-1962178/73
Blue JackBJJR 007Jacques Schols QuartetWhat Is There To Say184/76
Blue JackBJJR 010Ruud Brink / Irv Rochlin QuartetWhere Or When182/75
Blue JackBJJR 016Rob Agerbeek / Ruud Brink QuartetPardon My Bop185/78
Blue JackBJJR 017Red Rodney/Herman Schoonderwalt QuintetScrapple From The Apple189/65
Blue JackBJJR 019Ferdinand Povel QuartetSome Other Blues189/66
Blue JackBJJR 021Ann Burton & Mark Murphymeet Rob Agerbeek Trio – That’s All189/66
Blue MoonBMCD 1019Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1937-1940169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1020Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1937-1940169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1028Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1941-1954169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1029Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1941-1954169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1030Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1941-1954169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1031Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1941-1954169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 1032Johnny HodgesComplete Small Group Sessions 1941-1954169/39
Blue MoonBMCD 3019Duke Ellington1940-1942159/29
Blue MoonBMCD 6048Willis JacksonThe remaining Sides 1951-1959192/48
Blue NoteThe Blue Note Years163/50
Bluebird745321101542Artie ShawBroadcasts 1938/9143/61
Bluebird9903-2-RBKing OliverNew York Sessions 1929-1930141/13
BluebirdND 82178Duke EllingtonSolos, Duets and Trios136/44
BluebirdND 86641Duke EllingtonBlack, Brown and Beige (3CD set)138/33
BluebirdND 86751Duke EllingtonThe reat Ellington Units 1940-1941136/44
Bluebird66064-2Lonnie Johnson1939 and later140/35
Bluebird66065-2Alberta Hunter, Bessie Tucker, Victoria Spivey, Ida Mae Mack140/35
Blues & Rhythm Series5097Bill Doggett1952-1953185/71
Blues Collection159192Champion Jack Dupree & Brownie McGheeThe Gamblin’ Man163/51
Blues DocumentsBCD 6034Little Brother Montgomery1930-45142/37
Blues DocumentsBCD 6036/8Lucille Bogan142/37
BluesvilleOBCCD 584-2St. Louis Jimmy OdenGoin’ Down Slow157/41
BMG63187-2Marcus RobertsIn Honor Of Duke168/59
BMP2000/10/05Deborah Carter, Michael Varekamp, Frits LandesbergenDear Louis172/72
BNS1001Gadjo SwingTrio Swing 99177/33
Body And SoulBS 2632Jazz Chrismas – Noël Jazz190/68
Body And SoulBs2418Rose MurphyBusy Line182/69
BRJ302Blue Rhythm JugglersNo Trouble At All181/62
BRJ0299Blue Rhythm JugglersBlue Rhythm Review Of 1999169/64
Buddha7446599629-2Duke EllingtonDuke’s Joint 1943 & 1945167/41
Bulls Eye9624Robert NighthawkLive On Maxwell Street173/38
BVHaastCD120013-Bik Bent Braam173/66
CadillacSGC/MEL CD20/1Christie Brother’s Stompers145/50
CaldieF9418The Julian’s New Orleans FriendsMonday Night In New Orleans181/56
CalligraphCLG CD 033Humprey LytteltonLay ém Straight157/52
CalligraphCLG CD 034Helen And Humph…. Sing, Swing Together Again162/56
CalligraphCLG CD 035-1Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandParlophones Vol. 1162/56
CalligraphCLG CD 035-2Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandParlophones Vol. 2162/56
CalligraphCLG CD 035-3Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandParlophones Vol. 3: Shake It And Break It164/61
CalligraphCLG CD 035-4Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandParlophones Vol. 4: Bad Penny Blues164/61
CalligraphCLGCD 025Helen ShapiroMet Humphrey Lyttelton Band134/17
CalligraphCLGCD 037Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandBetween Friends172/72
Camel-RideHHC 9703Handsome Harry Company169/64
CapitolCAP 959Mike Longo TrioStill Swingin176/80
Capitol JazzMiles  DavisBirth Of The Cool174/74
CATCD-1104Ben WebsterLive at the Haarlemse Jazz Club139/43
CATCD-6302Freetime Old Dixie Jass BandPennies from heaven129/29
CATCD-6403Freetime Old Dixie Jass BandDans les Rues Dántibes136/47
CATCD-6505Swingin’ CrashBody and Soul139/41
CATCD-6606Freetime Old Dixie Jazz BandSong Of The Night150/45
CATCD-6707Hot Jazz AmbassadorsIt’s Tight Like That157/56
CATCD-6808Miss Lulu White’s Red Hot Creole Jazz Band155/52
CATCD-6909Swinging CrashSkyliner157/56
CATCD-7111Andor’s Jazz BandMy Baby Knows how159/65
CATCD-7212Limehouse Jazz BandBroadway Melody Of 1998164/56
CATCD-7313Freetime Old Dixie Jass BandSilhouettes Of jazz172/74
CATCD-7515Basin Street Jazz BandI Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody179/73
CatfishKATCD101Blind Lemon Jefferson159/46
CatfishKATCD102Kokomo Arnold159/46
CBS??Louis ArmstrongVol. 3 The Hot Fives and Hot Sevens134/46
CBS??Louis ArmstrongVol. 5 Louis in New York134/47
CBS??Louis ArmstrongVol. 6  12/1929-10/30134/47
CBS460821Louis ArmstrongVol.1 The Hot Fives134/46
CBS460828 2Count BasieThe Essential Vol. 2149/54
CBS460830-2Duke EllingtonEllington Uptown (12/51-8/52)139/34
CBS462985-2Duke EllingtonVol.1 The complete D.E.1947-’52139/34
CBS462986-2Duke EllingtonVol.2 The complete D.E.1947-’52139/34
CBS462987-2Duke EllingtonVol.3 The complete D.E. 1947-’52139/34
CBS462988-2Duke EllingtonVol.4 The complete D.E. 1947-’52139/34
CBS462989-2Duke EllingtonVol.5 The complete D.E. 1947-’52139/34
CBS463052Louis ArmstrongVol. 2 The Hot Fives and Hot Sevens134/46
CBS466308Louis ArmstrongVol. 4 L.A. and Earl Hines134/46
CBS466618Cab Calloway148/37
CBS466619Les & Larry Elgart148/37
CBS466620Benny Goodman148/37
CBS466621Woody Herman148/37
CBS466622Sammy kay148/37
CBS466623Les Brown148/37
CBS466624Glen Gray148/37
CBS466955Harry James148/37
CBS466955Harry James150/53
CBS466956Kay Kyser148/37
CBS466957Hal Kemp148/37
CBS466958Doris Day w Les Brown148/37
CBS466959Artie Shaw148/37,48
CBS466960Claude Thornhill148/37
CBS466961Wiil Bradley148/37
CBS466962Eddie Duchin148/37
CBS466963Lester Lanin148/37
CBS474396-2Benny Goodman148/48
CBS474401-2Billie Holiday148/48
CBS57176Louis ArmstrongPortrait Of The Artist As A Young Man150/48
CBSCK 47129Duke Ellington150/53
CBSCK 47129Duke EllingtonThe Essence Of Duke Ellington151/36
CBSCK 47918Count Basie150/53
CBSCK 53423Artie ShawBest Of Big Bands Vol. 2150/53
CBS/Sony4672452Robert JohnsonThe Complete146/34
CBS/Sony4678932LeadbellyKing Of the 12 String Guitar146/34
CBS/Sony4716622Son HouseFather Of The Delta Blues146/34
CBS/Sony4721902Blind Willie JohnsonThe Complete146/34
CBS/Sony4721922Champion Jack DupreeNew Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie146/34
CBS/Sony4757002Brownie McGheeThe Complete146/34
CBS/Sony4757012Blind Willie McTellThe Definite146/34
CBS/Sony4757022Tampa RedThe Guitar Wizard146/34
CBS/Sony4757042Bukka WhiteThe Complete146/34
CBS/SonyC46219Big Bill BroonzyGood Time Tonight146/34
CBS/SonyC46221Lonnie JohnsonSteppin’ On The Blues146/34
CDJP 1049Birelli Lagrange EnsembleSpecial guests Larry Correll – Miroslav Vitous164/55
CD JCCD 3003CBC 1-003Fletcher Henderson & Louis Armstrong141/48
Cd Pro6Pasadena Roof OrchestraSwing That Music!177/40
Cedar800Jimmy Rushing / Jack DupreeTwo Shades Of Blue166/51
ChallengeCHR 70014Dick Sudhalter & H london FriendsAfter Awhile148/44
ChallengeCHR 70015Spiegle WillcoxJazz Keeps You Young147/50
ChallengeCHR 70018Bob Wilber & Bechet LegacyLive At the Vineyard149/45
ChallengeCHR 70018Bob Wilber & Bexchet Legacy151/49
ChallengeCHR 70019Kenny Davern – Dick WelllstoodNever In A Million Years149/46
ChallengeCHR 70019Kenny davern & Dick Wellstood151/49
ChallengeCHR 70025Bucky And John PizzarelliLive At The Vineyard152/47
ChallengeCHR 70031Menno DaamsMy Choice152/44
ChallengeChr 70089-70092The Dutch Jaz OrchestraPlays The Music Of Billy Strayhorn177/59
Challenge RecordsBMP 125Joke BruijsClose to Me190/69
ChaosCACD8210Engelbert Wrobel’s Swing SocietyLive Im Kulturhaus Kornwestheim185/67
CharlyCPCD 8223Roosevelt SykesMusic Is My Business157/41
Chasma RecordsCd 002Harold Berghuis New Hot TrioVoor Ada191/78
Chesky RecordsJD 1Johnny Frigo with Bucky & John Pizzarelli134/16
Chris BlountCBCD004Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz BandA Night At The Casino164/35
CHRSRS75024Dutch Swing College BandVol. 3 Riverboat Shuffle168/66
CircleCC-53Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five1944/5139/45
CircleCCD-1Bob Crosby & h Orchestra1938148/27
CircleCCD-101Duke Ellington149/32
CircleCCD-101/5Duke EllingtonWorld Transcriptions148/34
CircleCCD-102Duke Ellington1943149/32
CircleCCD-103Duke Ellington1943, 1945149/33
CircleCCD-104Duke Ellington149/34
CircleCCD-105Duke Ellington149/35
CircleCCD-11Jimmy Lunceford & h Orchestra1940148/27
CircleCCD-110Red Nichols, Will Osborne1936, 1934145/43
CircleCCD-112Charlie Barnet140/34
CircleCCD-113Boyd RaeburnLang-Worth149/31
CircleCCD-115Bobby Sherwood
CircleCCD-116Vaughn Monroe1944154/41
CircleCCD-121Tony Pastor1945-51150/38
CircleCCD-126Ray Noble1941146/36
CircleCCD-129Bob Strong152/32
CircleCCD-13Dean Hudson157/40
CircleCCD-136Dean HudsonVol. 3 1944-1950160/43
CircleCCD-138Frankie Carle157/40
CircleCCD-14John Kirby Sextet1941-1942139/45
CircleCCD-14John Kirby & h Orchestra1940148/27
CircleCCD-146Frankie Carle1944-46142/36
CircleCCD-148Don Lamond154/41
CircleCCD-15Tommy Tucker149/31
CircleCCD-167Lucinda Ellert & h Happy Feet Dance Orchestra160/43
CircleCCD-176Palm Court Presents: Hot Nights In HarlemThe Jazz Swing All Stars171/56
CircleCCD-20Dorsey Brothers Orch / Arnold Johnson1935 , 1937148/27
CircleCCD-22Boyd RaeburnLang-Worth149/31
CircleCCD-25Hal Kemp1934/36145/43
CircleCCD-27Oziie Nelson1937143/45
CircleCCD-27Ozzie Nelson & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-28Bobby Sherwood
CircleCCD-29Eddy Howard & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-3Red Norvo & h Orchestra1938148/27
CircleCCD-30Jimmy Dorsey1939-40141/33
CircleCCD-30Jimmy Dorsey & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-31Tony Pastor1941-45150/38
CircleCCD-32Russ Morgan1941-1954158/37
CircleCCD-36Glen Gray & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-41Ray Herbeck1940154/41
CircleCCD-43Frankie Carle1944-46142/36
CircleCCD-44Bob Chester144/34
CircleCCD-44Bob Chester & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-45Vaughn Monroe1943154/41
CircleCCD-46Jimmy Dorsey1940141/33
CircleCCD-46Jimmy Dorsey & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-47Maxine Sullivan-John Kirby a.h. Orch1940-1941146/36
CircleCCD-48Frankie Masters & h Orchestra148/27
CircleCCD-49Sonny Dunham143/45
CircleCCD-49Buddy Moreno1947, 1949
CircleCCD-5Harry James & h Orchestra1941148/27
CircleCCD-56Johnny Long1941-1942158/37
CircleCCD-573Dick MeldonianJersey Swing concerts 1980-1982
CircleCCD-59Xavier Cugat1944-1945146/36
CircleCCD-63Frankie Masters1947153/33
CircleCCD-7Richard Himber144/34
CircleCCD-71Bill Challis & h Orchestra1936 World recordings150/38
CircleCCD-72Bill Challis, Chick Webb, Woody Herman1936-1937150/38
CircleCCD-78Ray Herbeck1942152/32
CircleCCD-82Clyde McCoy1951153/33
CircleCCD-84Joe Reichmann, Royal Society Orch20 years159/43
CircleCCD-85Frankie Masters143/45
CircleCCD-88Will Bradley150/38
CircleCCD-93Sammy Kaye, Les Elgart146/36
CircleCCD-95Woody Herman Orchestra1937145/43
CircleCSCD-1Samplerof 1st 24 Circle CDs
CircleJCD-42Wild Bill Davison’s All Star StompersThis Is Jazz148/27
CircleCCD-190KustbandetThe Man From Harlem185/63
Classics1086Duke Ellington1947169/39
Classics1086Duke Ellington1947170/36
Classics1119Duke Ellington1948170/36
Classics1131Roy Eldridge1951183/69
Classics1191Duke Ellington1949-1950176/43
Classics1217Duke Ellington1950182/47
Classics1258Duke Ellington1950-1951182/47
Classics1265Una Mae Carlisle1944-1950179/70
Classics1268Harry James1944-1945179/69
Classics1270Red Nichols1928-1929182/69
Classics1271Benny Goodman1941180/76
Classics1273Louis Prima1944-1945182/71
Classics1275Frankie Trumbauer1932-1936181/69
Classics1276Joe Venuti1930-1933183/79
Classics1277Artie Shaw1945180/80
Classics1280Sidney Bechet1950182/70
Classics1282Duke Ellington1951182/47
Classics1284Rex Stewart1949181/62
Classics1287Cab Calloway1949-1955181/75
Classics1288Earl Hines1949-1952181/66
Classics1291Sonny Stitt1950-1951181/71
Classics1293Pearl BaileyVol.2 1947-1950183/70
Classics1297Benny Carter1948-1952183/65
Classics1298Miff Mole1928-1937182/69
Classics1302Mezz Mezzrow1947-1951183/64
Classics1305Nat King Cole1949-1950183/69
Classics1306Red Norvo1943-1944182/70
Classics1309Charlie Ventura1949-1951183/64
Classics1313Harry JamesOrchestra 1945-1946185/79
Classics1316Mildred Bailey1943-1945187/69
Classics1318Charlie Barnet1940183/73
Classics1319Gene KrupaOrchestra 1947-1949185/75
Classics1320Duke Ellington1952186/52
Classics1322George Auld1940-1945185/70
Classics1324Benny Goodman1942184/72
Classics1326Sidney Bechet1950-1951184/80
Classics1327Tommy Dorsey1939187/71
Classics1329Gene Ammons1949-1950184/79
Classics1330Artie ShawOrchestra 1945-1946185/76
Classics1331Frankie Trumbauer1936-1946184/66
Classics1332Red Nichols1929184/70
Classics1333Helen Humes1948-1950189/33
Classics1334Herman Chittison1945-1950185/72
Classics1335Benny Goodman1942-1944184/72
Classics1339Bill Coleman1951-1952184/70
Classics1340Coleman Hawkins1950-1953187/66
Classics1343Valaida Snow1940-1953186/77
Classics1344Billy Taylor1950-1952185/75
Classics1345Benny GoodmanOrchestra 1944-1945185/72
Classics1345Benny Goodman1944-1945188/62
Classics1346Mary Lou Williams1951-1953189/65
Classics1347Dizzy Gillespie1952-1953186/72
Classics1347Louis Prima1945187/68
Classics1348Joe Venuti1933185/75
Classics1350Duke Ellington1952-1953187/50
Classics1352Louis Armstrong1952-1953185/79
Classics1353Joe Sullivan1945-1953185/73
Classics1354Eddie Condon1951-1953185/76
Classics1355Benny GoodmanOrchestra 1945185/72
Classics1356Red Norvo1944-1945188/75
Classics1357Eddie Lang1927-1932186/74
Classics1358Sidney Bechet1951-1952186/73
Classics1359Gene Krupa1949-1951187/70
Classics1361Oscar Peterson1952188/73
Classics1362Buck Clayton1949-1953186/77
Classics1363Charlie Ventura1951-1953186/72
Classics1364Teddy Wilson1952-1953187/68
Classics1365Sy Oliver1949-1952187/73
Classics1367Gene Ammons1950-1951187/75
Classics1368Artie Shaw1946-1950188/75
Classics1369Red Nichols1929186/75
Classics1370Erroll Garner1952-1953187/68
Classics1371Georgie Auld1946-1951188/66
Classics1372Don Byas1952189/69
Classics5085Jimmy RushingChronological186/75
Classics1015Duke Ellington1946165/47
Classics1051Duke Ellington1946-1947165/47
Classics1360Eddie Heywood1950-1951190/66
Classics1377Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra1951-1952192/69
Classics1380Dizzy Gillespie1953191/74
Classics1381Bill Coleman1952-1953 (Live in Parijs)191/77
Classics1383Billy Taylor1952-1953191/76
Classics1384Sidney Bechet1952192/77
Classics1385Benny Goodman and his Orchestra1946-1947191/78
Classics1386Red Norvo and his Orchestra1945-1947191/66
Classics1388James Moody1951191/76
Classics1390Gene Krupa1952-1953192/72
Classics1391Erroll Garner1953192/69
Classics1392Willie ‘The Lion” Smith1950-1953192/77
Classics1393Mezz Mezzrow1951-1953192/77
Classics1394Buck ClaytonThe Chronological B C. 1953192/78
Classics1395Stan Getz1953191/80
Classics1396Benny Goodman and his Orchestra1947191/78
Classics1397Artie Shaw and his Orchestra1950192/71
Classics1399Oscar PetersonThe Chronological 1952 (vol.2)191/61
Classics1403Bobby HacketThe Chronological B H. 1948-1954192/79
Classics1404Ella Fitzgerald1953-1954192/79
Classics1407Benny Goodman and his Orchestra1947. Vol.2192/79
Classics1408Charlie Parker1952-1954192/75
Classics1409Oscar Peterson1951-1954192/76
Classics1419Buddy Rich1950-1955192/80
Classics5092Terry Simons1950-1953189/34
Classics5103T.J. Fowler1948-1953189/34
Classics5118T-Bone Walker1950-1952189/35
Classics5119Julia Lee1927-1946189/68
Classics5123Martha DavisThe chronological Martha Davis  1946-1951190/23
Classics5125Joe MorrisThe Chronological JM 1950-1953191/35
Classics5131Lil GreenThe Chronological LG 1947-1951191/33
Classics5133Lightnin’ HopkinsThe Chronological LH 1950-1951191/32
Classics5135Willis Jackson1950-1954192/48
Classics5136Lula ReedThe Chronological LR 1951-1954191/34
Classics5146Tiny Grimes1951-1954192/49
Classics539Duke Ellington1924-1927134/34
Classics542Duke Ellington1927-1928134/35
Classics550Duke Ellington1928134/35
Classics559Duke Ellington1928-1929134/35
Classics569Duke Ellington1929134/35
Classics577Duke Ellington1929-1930134/35
Classics586Duke Ellington1930 (1)135/37
Classics596Duke Ellington1930 (2)135/37
Classics605Duke Ellington1930-1931136/43
Classics616Duke Ellington1931-1932136/44
Classics616Duke Ellington & his Orchestra1931-1932137/42
Classics626Duke Ellington & his Orchestra1932-1933137/43
Classics637Duke Ellington1933139/35
Classics646Duke Ellington1933-1935139/35
Classics658James P. Johnson1921-1928141/44
Classics659Duke Ellington1935-1936140/32
Classics659Duke Ellington1935-1935141/32
Classics663Louis Jordan Tympani Five1940-1941140/55
Classics666Duke Ellington1936-1937140/32
Classics672Ethel Waters1925-1926141/14
Classics675Duke Ellington1937141/32
Classics687Duke Ellington1937 Vol. 2141/32
Classics688Ethel Waters1926-1929141/14
Classics696Sam Price1940/1143/47
Classics700Duke Ellington1938143/43
Classics715Albert Ammons1936145/43
Classics717Duke Ellington1938143/44
Classics726Duke Ellington1938143/44
Classics726Duke Ellington1938 Vol. 3144/32
Classics726Duke EllingtonVol. 3 1938145/41
Classics747Duke Ellington1938/39145/41
Classics765Duke Ellington1939147/41
Classics780Duke Ellington1939147/41
Classics790Duke Ellington1939-1940148/34
Classics805Duke Ellington1940149/36
Classics820Duke Ellington1940151/37
Classics837Duke Ellington1940-191151/37
Classics851Duke Ellington1941152/30
Classics881Duke Ellington1944-1945155/37
Classics915Duke Ellington1945157/39
Classics951Duke Ellington1945159/28
Classics985Duke Ellington1945-1946165/47
ClassicsJSP CD 311Fletcher Henderson133/49
ClassicsJSP CD 322J.R.MortonVolume 2 Jelly133/49
Click RecordsEw 2002Engelbert Wrobel’s Hot JazzMeets Bob Barnard180/69
CMJ001John Petters’ Swing Band with Kenny DavernLive and Swinging135/28
CMJ002John Petters’ Swing Band with Kenny DavernLive and Swinging vol.2135/28
CMJ003John Petters’DixielandersTogether Again (met Wild Bill Davison and Art Hodes)135/28
CMJ007Art Hodes / John Petter Hot ThreeSensation135/28
CMJ008John Petters New Orleans All StarsToo Busy. feat.Ken Colyer137/24
CMJ009Simon Holliday with John PettersRags, boogie & swing137/24
CMJ011John Petters Swing BandSwinging Down Memory Lane (met George Chisholm en Maxine Daniels137/24
CMJ012Ken Colyer All StarsJust A Little While To Stay Here137/24
CMJ014Alan Elsdon and othersLegends of British Trad137/24
CNR Music22 205892Miller SextetMake Mine Millers179/71
Collector ClassicsCOCD-3Wingy ManoneColelction Vol.3143/61
Collectors ClassicsCOCD 23Henry AllenCollection Vol. 5158/57
Collectors ClassicsCOCD-1Henry Allen CollectionVol.1140/54
Collectors ClassicsCOCD-7Luis Russell140/59
Collector’s ClassicsCOCD 24Henry Allen CollectionVol. 6 1941-1946159/59
Collector’s ClassicsCOCD 30Washboard Rhythm KingsVol. 5 1930-1931159/57
Collectors EditionCBCD 004Brownie McGhee1940/41155/39
Collectors EditionCBCD 011Sonny Boy Williamson155/39
Collectors Items019Chicago Southside1928-1929137/49
Collectors’s ClassicsCOCD-19Clarence Williams1927-’28147/61
Columbia450411 2Benny GoodmanSextet 1950-1952 + Terry Gibbs, Teddy Wilson148/49
Columbia461098 2Count BasieThe essential Vol. 3, 1940-1941148/49
Columbia462463 2Reunion Jazz Band149/53
Columbia462648 2De MillersHet Complete Songbook Vol. 1149/53
Columbia463341 2Benny GoodmanSmaal Groups 1941-1945148/48
Columbia465679 2Benny Goodmanfeat Charlie Christian148/48
Columbia466618 2Cab Calloway1937-1941149/51
Columbia466964-2Duke EllingtonThe Okeh-Ellington (dubbel CD)134/34
Columbia467915 2Billie HolidayThe quintessential. Vol 9 (1940 – ’42)134/49
Columbia467915-2Billy HolidayThe Quintessential B.H. vol.9 (1940-1942)135/48
Columbia467919-2Louis Armstrong133/48
Columbia468618 2Duke EllingtonThe Duke’s Men. Small Groups vol.1134/49
Columbia468618-2Duke Ellington Small Groups1934-1938135/39
Columbia468618-2The Duke’s menVol.1143/44
Columbia471657 2Cab Calloway1937-39149/51
Columbia472990-2Benny Goodman On The Air1937-1938143/54
Columbia472992-2Louis Armstrong1930-1931143/61
Columbia472994 2Duke Ellington144/49
Columbia472994-2The Duke’s menVol.2143/44
Columbia477635 2John Kirby Sextet149/51
Columbia480275 2De MillersHet Complete Songbook Vol. 2149/53
Columbia483586 2Diverse artistenBooze & Blues153/44
Columbia483587 2Josh WhiteBluessinger 1932-1936153/44
Columbia483745 2Sinti feat. Jimmy RosenbergGoing To The USA154/35
Columbia483878 2Billie HolidayLove Songs153/47
Columbia4841632Various ArtistsThe Real Kansas City of the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s155/55
Columbia484419 2Robert JohnsonKing Of The Delta Blues Singers154/41
Columbia485100 2Slim And SlamThe Groove Juice Special156/55
Columbia487398 2Bessie SmithThe Essential159/60
Columbia487844 2Robert Johnson159/46
Columbia65593Willie DixonPoet Of The Blues163/51
Columbia7464-64916-2Robert JohnsonThe Complete Recordings156/55
ColumbiaC2K 53584Duke EllingtonNewport Jazz Festival 1958167/40
ColumbiaC2K 57546Bessie SmithFinal Recordings153/43
ColumbiaCK 25834Champion Jack Dupreeunreleased143/47
ColumbiaCK 46175Bix BeiderbeckeVol. 2 At The Jazz Band Ball149/54
ColumbiaCK 64932Duke EllingtonNewport 1956 + studio session166/45
ColumbiaCK 64968Erroll GarnerSeries This Is Jazz 13156/55
ColumbiaCK 65040Woody Herman163/66
ColumbiaCK 65042Lester Young1936-1943163/66
ColumbiaCK 65048Billie Holiday1930’x163/66
ColumbiaCK 65056Duke Ellington1935-1964163/66
ColumbiaCK 65566Duke EllingtonBlack Brown And Beige 1958166/44
ColumbiaCK 65568Duke EllingtonSuch Sweet Thunder 1956-7166/45
ColumbiaCK 65569Duke EllingtonAnatomy Of A Murder166/45
ColumbiaCK 65571Duke Ellingtonmeets Count Basie166/45
ColumbiaBillie HolidayComplete Columbia 1933-1944177/76
Columbia/Legacy489893 2Big Bill Broonzy1930 – ’50164/44
Columbia/Legacy65515Son HouseThe Original Delta Blues163/50
Columbia/LegacyCK 65212Memphis MinnieQueen Of The Blues161/47
Columbia/SonyCK 63631Ellis MarsalisDuke In Duke168/59
Columbia/SonyCK 69872Wynton MarsalisMister Jelly Lord168/58
Columbia/SonyDuke Ellington144/33
Combi SoundCD040990Gentlemen Of JazzTribute To The Guv’nor138/44
Combi SoundCD100589Gentlemen Of JazzRunning Wild138/44
ConcordCCD 4351Maxine SullivanLaatste concert124/49
ConiferCDHD 169Adelaide HallHall of Memories132/49
CriscrazzCCR 034The Big ComboJump’n Jive168/65
Criss Cross Jazz1253Wycliffe Gordon & Garden City Gospel ChoirIn The Cross188/69
CSJB9092-01/02Circus Square Jazz BandCD For Fans: We’re Travellin’An Goin’Home189/64
CSJB93Cultivated Swab Jazz BandAlles Uit De Kast145/38
Culture RecordsSeptember 05121The Golden Age Of Belgian Jazz181/56
CygnetCYG 1001Memphis Night Hawks, Chicago Rhythm Kings159/63
CygnetCYG 1003State Street Ramblers1928 – 1931173/69
CygnetCYG 1004Bennie MotenOkehs174/70
D.E.T.S.9039001Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows 1943 & 1945173/45
D.E.T.S.9039005Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows 1945179/40
D.E.T.S.9039006Duke Ellington1945180/41
D.E.T.S.9039008Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows Part 8 1945186/51
D.E.T.S.9039009Duke EllingtonTreasure Series Vol 9187/50
D.E.T.S.9039002Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows April 1945, etc.174/44
D.E.T.S.9039003Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows May 1945, etc.174/44
D.E.T.S.9039004Duke EllingtonTreasury Shows 1945176/44
Daddy’s Editionno numberMiss Lulu White’s Red Hot Creole Jazz BandSnatches Of Miss Lulu170/71
Daring3001Butch ThompsonNew Orleans Joys134/49
Daring3002Butch ThompsonChicago Breakdown134/49
Daring3003Butch ThompsonGood Old New York134/49
DaybreakBDCHR 75125Floris Nico BuninkEn Blanc Et Noir 8179/72
DeccaGRD-3-640Duke Ellington1926-1931150/53
DeccaMCAD 42325Duke EllingtonThe Brunswick Era vol.1  1926-1929132/49
Definitive RecordsDrcd 11196Duke EllingtonComplete Original American Decca Recordings 1926-1931177/36
Definitive RecordsDrcd 11199Duke EllingtonCapitol Transcriptions 1946/1947177/36
Definitive RecordsDrcd 11210Duke EllingtonCarnegie Hall 430123, 441209, 460202, 471227177/36
Definitive RecordsDrcd 11211Duke EllingtonCarnegie Hall 430123, 441209, 460202, 471227177/36
Delmark711Robert NighthawkBricks In My Pillow163/51
DelmarkDD 213Art Hodes149/53
DelmarkDD 470Earl Hines & The Duke’s Men1944149/54
DelmarkDD 687Harry Gibson154/55
DelmarkDD 705Albert AmmonsBoogie Woogie Stomp164/58
DelmarkDD-460Willis jacksonCall of the Gators192/48
DelmarkDE 211Barney Bigard & Art HodesBucket’s Got A Hole In It166/65
DelmarkDE 223Percy Humphrey’s Crescent City Joy MakersClimax Rag166/37
DelmarkDE 226Sidney Bechte, a.o.Jazz Ltd. Vol. 1149/54
DelmarkDE 505Barrett DeemsGroovin’ Hard164/61
DelmarkDE 515Eddie JohnsonLove You Madly166/65
DelmarkDE 606Yank Rachel’s Tennessee Jug BustersMandolin Blues163/51
DelmarkDE 601Speckled RedThe Dirty Dozens156/39
DelmarkDE 625Luther AllisonLove Me Mama156/39
DelmarkDE 626Speckled Red a.o.Blues Piano Orgy
DelmarkDE 697Blues Guitar Greats156/39, 157/40
Delta Disc RecosrdsDS6006Roy Kirby Paragon Jazz BandLive at the 100 Club141/43
DHR197.029Willie Ashman Original Jazz BandWillie’s Choice163/42
Dine-A-Mite JazzDjcd-002Bob Wallis & Storyville JazzmenLeipzig 1976179/60
DinoDNCD 1265Rosenberg TrioGipsy Summer134/18
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DreyfusFDM 36574-2Bireli LagrangeMy Favorite Django152/27
Dureco1150312Johnny MeyerJM in Dixieland136/22
Dureco1151382Johnny MeyerJM and the D.S.C.136/22
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Feel The JazzCD 10Aunt Haggar’s Gang132/43
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Feel The JazzCD FTJ 23Circus Square Jazz BandPapa Dip141/49
Feel The JazzFTJ CD 16Dirty DozenDD Digital138/45
Feel The JazzFTJ CD 17Joop Hendriks138/46
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Feel The JazzFTJ CD 28Dim Kesber And Friends148/44
Feel The JazzFTJ CD 28Scat CatsSophisto Cats154/57
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Feel The JazzFTJ CD 39Jazz Festival Breda 1996156/53
Feel The JazzFTJ CD 41Jojo SwingbandAirmail Special156/51
Feel The JazzFTJ CD 42Loes van WeesTake A Look In The Mirror156/52
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Feel The JazzFTJ CD12De NootenkraakstersWe’re in the Money134/18
Feel The JazzFTJ CD14DiversenFeel The Jazz Highlights134/18
Feel The JazzFTJ CD25Jazz Festval Breda1993144/46
Feel The JazzFTJCD 30JazzgazzGazz What?150/47
Feel The JazzFTJCD 32Dutch Palladium OrchestraRhythm Is Our Business150/47
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Feel The JazzFTJCD 48SwingcatsEast Of The Sun162/57
Feel The JazzFTJCD 49Jojo SwingbandStill Going Jojo!!!162/58
Feel The JazzFTJCD 5025 jaar Feel the jazz162/57
Feel The JazzFTJCD 52Washboard Wailers164/57
Feel The JazzFTJCD 55Dim Kesber and FriendsMellenium Proof167/43
Feel The JazzFTJCD 56Original Victoria BandCrazy Words, Crazy Tune168/68
Feel The JazzFTJCD 58SwingcatsNight And Day170/71
Feel The JazzFTJCD 59Circus Square Jazz BandThe World’s Jazz Crazy173/66
Feel The JazzFTJCD 61Joep Peeters En De Gumbo GabbersCosta Mesa Boogaloo177/73
Feel The JazzFTJCD 62Dim Kesber & FriendsOnce More With Feeling180/71
Feel The JazzFTJ-CD13Was That Good For You Too136/21
Feel The JazzFTJ-CD1521e Oude Stijl jazz Festival Breda1991136/54
Feel The JazzFTJCD519e Oude Stijl Festival Breda128/5
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FlapperPAST CD 9779Artie Shaw143/61
FlyrightCD 57John Lee HookerThe Unknown175/8
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FlyrightCD 61Cecil Gant161/47
FlyrightFLYCD 944Cab CallowayOn Film 1934-1950150/53
FMFMS 2091Barrelhouyse Jazz BandNew Orleans Joys176/64
FMFMS 2095Barrelhouyse Jazz BandNew Harlem Shout!188/60
FocusFPCD6011Fessor and FriendsHow Long Blues191/76
Folkways40081Josh WhiteFree And Equal Blues163/51
Folkways45047LeadbellySings For Children165/49
Fondy7779Fondy Riverside Bullit BandLive In Veerhuis152/29
Fondy7780Fondy Riverside Bullet BandJazzyversary 25 Jaar Fondy154/37
FondyCD 7778Fondy Riverside Bullet Band144/29
FondyFondy Riverside Bullet BandJazzyversary 35. Dubbel CD190/60
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Free SoundFr 1160209Sunny Side Jazz BandA Tribute To Minze179/72
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Frémeaux & Ass.FA 304Django ReinhardtIntégrale Vol. 4160/35
Frémeaux & Ass.FA 305Django ReinhardtIntégrale Vol. 5160/35
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Frémeaux & Ass.FA 314Django ReinhardtIntegrale Vol. 14174/42
Frémeaux & Ass.FA 315Django ReinhardtIntegrale Vol. 15176/41
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Frémeaux & Ass.FA 317Django ReinhardtIntégrale Vol. 17184/46
Frémeaux & Ass.FA 318Django ReinhardtIntégrale Vol. 18184/46
Frémeaux & Ass.FA 320Django ReinhardtInt.vol.20 Pour que ma vie demeure (dubbel CD)192/58
Fresh Sound RecordsFsr5039Bud Shank – Rein De GraafAlone Together187/68
FrogDGF 21Tommy Johnson190/29
FrogDGF 22Tommy Johnson190/29
FrogDGF1Thomas MorrisWhen A ‘Gator Hollers146/48
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FrogDGF12New YorkVol. 3157/49
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FrogDGF16Memphis Jug BandVol. 2160/55
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FrogDGF19Miff MoleVol. 1163/60
FrogDGF2New Orleans Owls, New Orleans Rhythm Kings, John HymanThe Owls’ Hoot147/59,61
FrogDGF20Miff MoleVol. 2163/60
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FrogDGF22Memphis BluesVol.. 2165/49
FrogDGF23Original Indiana FiveHarmony Recordings 1925-1929166/60
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FrogDGF25McKinney’s Cotton PickersVol. 1 1928-29167/48
FrogDGF26McKinney’s Cotton PickersVol. 2 1930167/48
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FrogDGF28Black Chicago Bands1922-1929168/61
FrogDGF29Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch.Vol. 1 1926-1929168/63
FrogDGF3Johnny Dodds147/61
FrogDGF3Johnny DoddsBlue Clarinet Stomp149/49
FrogDGF30Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orch.Vol. 2 1926-1929168/63
FrogDGF31Territory BandsWhat Kind Of Rhythm Is That?170/61
FrogDGF32New York Columbia RecordingsVol. 1 Happy Rhythm170/62
FrogDGF33Johnny DunnCornet Blues171/61
FrogDGF34King OliverVocalion & Brunswick Recordings Vol. 1171/62
FrogDGF35King OliverVocalion & Brunswick Recordings Vol. 2171/62
FrogDGF36Eddie SouthComplete Victor, Gramophone and ARC rec.171/64
FrogDGF37Clarence WilliamsVocalion, Brunswick, Victor, Paramount, Grey Gull172/61
FrogDGF38New York Columbia RecordingsVol. 2 Go Harlem173/72
FrogDGF39Johnny Dodds Brunswick & VocalionNew Orleans Stomp174/69
FrogDGF40Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 1175/72
FrogDGF41Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 2176/66
FrogDGF42Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 3178/69
FrogDGF43Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 4180/74
FrogDGF44Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 5181/66
FrogDGF45Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 6184/66
FrogDGF46Bessie SmithComplete Recordings Vol. 7188/63
FrogDGF48Clarence WilliamsQRS Recodings Vol.1176/79
FrogDGF49Clarence WilliamsQRS Recodings Vol.2184/66
FrogDGF5Genevieve Davis, Louis Dumaine, Johnny Miller, a.o.Sizzling The Blues151/50
FrogDGF50Django ReinhardtThe Swing Sessions Vol. 1 (1937)177/76
FrogDGF51Jimmy O’BryantMystery Man Of Jazz178/66
FrogDGF52Django ReinhardtThe Swing Sessions Vol. 2 (1937)180/71
FrogDGF53Sonny ClayWest Coast Jazz181/67
FrogDGF54Andy Kirk Twelve Clouds Of JoyLotta Sax Appeal 1929-1930184/68
FrogDGF55Earl Hines1929-1933187/66
FrogDGF56Perry BradfordI ain’t gonna play no second fiddle 1923-1928191/70
FrogDGF58Five Birmingham Babies1924-1927191/72
FrogDGF6Dixieland Jug BlowersLouisville Stomp151/50
FrogDGF7Omer Simeon, Earl Hines, Alex Hill a.o.That’s My Stuff153/41
FrogDGF8New YorkNew York Vol. 1155/50
FrogDGF9Chicago 1928-1930Get Easy Blues156/49
GannetCJR 1001Paul Mares, Ch. Lavere, Zutty Singleton, Ikey RobinsonChicago 1935147/52
GannetCJR 1002Richard M. Jones. Punch Miller a.o.New Orleans To Chicago: The Forties148/45
GannetCJR1003State Street RamblersVol. 1156/50
Geco TonwarenH-226Harri StojkaA tribute to Swing191/42
GHBBCD-1Dick Wellstood a.o.144/34
GHBBCD-10Kid OryLegendary Crescent Recording Sessions 1944-45152/32
GHBBCD-10Kid Ory Creole Jazz BandLegendary Crescent Recordings ’44/45154/55
GHBBCD-103Pete FountainBasin Street Six146/35
GHBBCD-119Lu Watters’ Yerba Buena Jazz BandLive 1950152/32
GHBBCD-126Louis Cottrell, Armand Hug, a.o.Bob Havens In New Orleans150/37
GHBBCD-136Carol Leigh154/41
GHBBCD-14/15George LewisJapan148/27
GHBBCD-141Sweet Emma Barrett & h New Orleans Music148/27
GHBBCD-142Sharkey Bonano, Pete Fountain, Santo PecoraBenefit Concert for Monk Hazel Vol. 1154/41
GHBBCD-143Sharkey Bonano, Pete Fountain, Santo PecoraBenefit Concert for Monk Hazel Vol. 2154/41
GHBBCD-145Kid Thomas Valentine& New Black Eagle Jazz Band163/52
GHBBCD-152Ken ColyerWhen I Leave This World Behind154/41
GHBBCD-16Ken Colyer148/27
GHBBCD-16Ken Colyer’ JazzmenOn tour149/38
GHBBCD-167Carol Leigh156/38
GHBBCD-171Art Hodes143/45
GHBBCD-172Art Hodes143/45
GHBBCD-173Louis Nelson’s Creole Jazz Band & Big Four141/33
GHBBCD-184Ken Colyer & Chris Blount156/38
GHBBCD-184Ken Colyer w Chris Blount’s Jazz BandUrgent Request157/43
GHBBCD-187Kid SheikFirst European Tour156/43
GHBBCD-191Punch Miller & John HandyIn California Vol. 1172/55
GHBBCD-192Punch Miller & John HandyIn California Vol. 2172/55
GHBBCD-197Kid Thomas Valentine December bandVol. 1157/40
GHBBCD-198December Band160/42
GHBBCD-20Emanuel Paul’s International Jazz Band152/32
GHBBCD-20Emanuel Paul’s International Jazz BandVol. 1154/44
GHBBCD-21Emanuel Paul’s International Jazz Band152/32
GHBBCD-21Emanuel Paul’s International Jazz BandVol. 2154/44
GHBBCD-211Thomas Jefferson, Sammy Rimington, a.o.150/37
GHBBCD-219Claude LuterNew Orleans142/37
GHBBCD-227Kid Sheik / Earl Humphrey159/43
GHBBCD-236Leonard Bechet159/43
GHBBCD-248Willie Humphrey Quartet156/38
GHBBCD-25Louis Nelson’s Big Four154/41
GHBBCD-257Kid Thomas & Emanuel Paul149/31
GHBBCD-257Kid  Thomas & Emanuel Paulw Barry Martyn’s Victory Walk152/36
GHBBCD-26Louis Nelson’s Big Four154/41
GHBBCD-264Alton PurnellLive with Keith Smith’ Climax Jazz band166/54
GHBBCD-279Bob Schultz& the Riverboat Ramblers142/37
GHBBCD-288Sammy RimingtonEverybody’s Talkin’About Sammy146/35
GHBBCD-288Sammy Rimington & h BandEverybody’s Talking About sammy148/39
GHBBCD-293Chester Zardis’ New Orleans Feetwarmers152/32
GHBBCD-293Chester Zardis’ New Orleans Feetwarmers156/43
GHBBCD-296Kid Thomas & Louis NelsonIn California142/38
GHBBCD-297Kid Thomasin California141/33
GHBBCD-298Sadie Goodson156/38
GHBBCD-298Sadie Goodson w Sammy Rimington158/43
GHBBCD-3Tom Brown & h New Orleans Jazz Band1955146/35
GHBBCD-301Pete FountainDo You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans146/35
GHBBCD-305Kid ThomasAt Moose Hall143/45
GHBBCD-308Willy Humphrey / Brian O’ConnellTwo Clarinets on The Porch138/43
GHBBCD-31Boll Weevil Jazz Band161/45
GHBBCD-310Jimmy Archey’s Crescent City Delegates Of Pleasurew Punch Miller & Albert Burbank141/33
GHBBCD-315Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-Stars145/43
GHBBCD-316Frank Naundorf145/43
GHBBCD-317Maryland Jazz Bandw Percy Humphrey145/43
GHBBCD-319Sylvia “Kuumba” WilliamsOne Mo’ Time144/34
GHBBCD-320Magnolia Jazz Bandw Topsy Chapman145/43
GHBBCD-321Dave Dallwitz Ragtime Ensemble144/34
GHBBCD-322Dave Dallwitz Ragtime Ensemble144/34
GHBBCD-325Captain John Handy & Easy Riders Jazz BandVery Handy147/45
GHBBCD-331Jacques Gauthé Creole Rice Yerba Buena Jazz Bandw. Bob Helm154/41
GHBBCD-333Rudy Balliu & h Society Serenaders148/27
GHBBCD-333Rudy Balliu Society Serenaders151/39
GHBBCD-338Barney Bigard & Legends Of Jazz150/38
GHBBCD-34George LewisAt San Jacinto Hall185/63
GHBBCD-340Lionel Ferbos & h New Orleans Jazz Band154/41
GHBBCD-342Sidney Stompers150/38
GHBBCD-345Brian Carrick’s Heritage Hall Stompers155/42
GHBBCD-350Hal Smith’ Creole Sunshine Orch.154/41
GHBBCD-351Ken Colyer161/46
GHBBCD-352West Jesmond156/38
GHBBCD-353Kid Thomas & Earl Humphrey156/38
GHBBCD-354Lee Gunness & Eclipse Alley Heavenly Seven155/43
GHBBCD-354Lee Gunness & Eclipse Alley Heavenly Seven159/50
GHBBCD-357Jakob Etter (N.O. Hotshots)158/37
GHBBCD-358Maryland Jazz Band & Frog Joseph156/38
GHBBCD-359Emanuel Sayles & Barry Martyn’s Band158/37
GHBBCD-360Tommy Sancton Crescent City Serenaders156/38
GHBBCD-361St. Louis Ragtimers160/43
GHBBCD-362St. Louis RagtimersVol. 2154/41
GHBBCD-366Defferary & Alton Purnell161/46
GHBBCD-367Earl Scheelar Funkt New Orleans jazz Band160/42
GHBBCD-37George Lewis & Barry Martin’s Band141/33
GHBBCD-37George Lewis & Barry Martyn BandFor Dancers Only143/47
GHBBCD-380Cookie Gabrielacc. Lars Edegran160/43
GHBBCD-383Rudy Balliu New Orleans Trio160/43
GHBBCD-397Bechet Summit161/46
GHBBCD-40Chris Barber/Barry Martin Collaboration143/48
GHBBCD-400Original CastJelly Roll157/40
GHBBCD-405George Lewiswith Barry Martin’s Band173/57
GHBBCD-409The Last Session At San Jacinto Hall186/68
GHBBCD-41Captain John Handy New Orleans Stompers146/35
GHBBCD-410Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra160/43
GHBBCD-42Captain John Handy New Orleans Stompers146/35
GHBBCD-420Magnolia BandChristmas Tim157/40
GHBBCD-425Lars Edegran & h Santa Claus RevelersCrescent City Christmas157/40
GHBBCD-43Chris Barber w Billie & Dede Pierce148/27
GHBBCD-436Peruna JazzmenPlay the music of King Oliver175/66
GHBBCD-44Original Salty Dogs160/42
GHBBCD-440Armstrong Alumni All Stars176/62
GHBBCD-473Rudy Balliu w Barry Martyn158/37
GHBBCD-49Barrelhouse Jazz Band145/43
GHBBCD-501/502King JazzVol. 1159/43
GHBBCD-503/4/5King JazzVol. 2159/43
GHBBCD-551Louis Nelson And His Palm Court Jazz BandJazz At The Palm Court Vol. 1171/55
GHBBCD-554Jazz At The Palm CourtVol. 3 Lucien Barbarin & Palm Court Swingsters172/55
GHBBCD-59New Black Eagle Jazz Band158/37
GHBBCD-62Original Salty Dogs161/46
GHBBCD-65Max Collie148/27
GHBBCD-71Conrad Janis Tailgate Jazz Band150/37
GHBBCD-75Barry Martin159/43
GHBBCD-8Sayles’ Silverleaf Ragtimers150/38
GHBBCD-81Conrad JanisVol. 2156/38
GHBBCD-83Max Collie Rhythm Aces1974154/41
GHBBCD-85Percy Humphrey148/27
GHBBCD-97Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz BandAt Kelly’s Vol. 2149/31
GHBBCD-98Max CollieVol. 3156/38
GHBGHB BCD-93Lu Watters’ Yerba Buena Jazz BandLive at Hambone Kelly’s 1950138/48
GHBGHBCD 202Butch Thompson King Oliver Centennial Band133/40
GHBGHBCD-231Louis Nelson’s New Orleans All StarsLive in Japan131/36
GHBGHBCD-232The Ginger Pig New Orleans BandFeat. Sammy Rimington131/37
GHBGHBCD-232The Ginger Pig New Orleans BandFeat. Sammy Rimington132/36
GHBGHBCD-274Mike Cox’s Chosen SevenReady Aye Ready132/36
GHBGHBCD-276Jim RobinsonBirthday Memorial Session (1973)131/37
GHBGHBCD-301Penn-Wiggs New Orleans All StarsConcert Vol.1135/40
GHBGHBCD-302Penn-Wiggs New Orleans All StarsConcert Vol.2135/40
Giant of JazzCD 53046Duke Ellington1932 -1941135/38
Giant of JazzCDB 1201Duke Ellington3-CD set135/38
Giants Of JazzCD 53016The legend of New OrleansOriginal Recordings 1918-1934132/49
Giants of JazzCD 53048Duke Ellington & his Orchestra1939-1941137/42
Global Village MusicGVMCD 1001Non-blues secular black musicVirginia Traditions, 1970s150/53
Global Village MusicGVMCD 105Dave Tarras150/53
Global Village MusicGVMCD 110Zmiros150/53
Global Village MusicGVMCD 121New Shletl Band150/53
Global Village MusicGVMCD 126Abe Schwartz1917150/53
GMI RecordsDjangology166/36
Go Trad, Go77001New Orleans SyncopatorsHigh Society168/66
Golden RiverC 6598Golden River City Jazz Band25 Years159/38
Golden RiverGr21Golden River City Jazz BandHold That Tiger179/64
Good Time Flevo JazzVol. 2Minor Swing & Blues BandMississippi Mud185/77
Good Time JazzYerba Buena Jazz Band1942-1950144/49
GP MusicGPM 050505Michiel Borstlap TrioCoffee & Jazz190/70
Guthoff Music6112Hawe SchneiderLutz Eikelmann Presents185/66
Guthoff Music25032Lutz Eikelmann’s Dixie HitparadeVol.1179/64
Guthoff Music03060Sean Moyses Hot Rhythmfeat. Hot Rhythm Boys & Ragtime Two172/76
Guthoff Music03071Dicky Bishop meets Lutz EikelmannNo Other Baby175/65
Guthoff Music10045The Dixieland CrackerjacksThe Caribbean Suite190/71
Guthoff Music10071Lutz EikelmannJuly Sessions175/65
Guthoff Music29081Dixieland CrackerjacksSt. James Infirmary175/79
Happy Bird20.1899-HBOscar Klein & Lino Patruno European Jazz StarsEchoes Of Harlem165/61
Harbour Jazz BandHJB 9640-004Harbour Jazz Band40 Years155/33
Harlequin18ValaidaVol. 2147/61
HarlequinHQ CD 142Euroswing 1936-1948166/65
HarlequinHQ CD 60NBC’s Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street152/46
Harrison RecordsBph 0100Paul HarrisonOff Line177/58
Harrison RecordsBph 0200Paul HarrisonEuphony177/58
Hefty Jazz RecordsHj 110Keith Smith & New Orleans Jazz AmbassadorsSalute To Joe King Oliver178/62
Hefty Jazz RecordsHj 111Keith Smith-“Mister Heft Jazz” & All StarsFrom Basin Street To Broadway178/63
HEPCD 1010Casa Loma OrchestraCasa Loma Stomp157/57
HepCD 1024Artie Shaw1936143/61
HEPCD 1053Benny Goodman1939-1942157/58
HEPCD 1056Casa Loma Orchestra1937-1941163/66
HEPCD 1070/1 & 1070/2Bennie Moten1929 – 1932 Band Box Shuffle173/70
HEPCD 1081Tennessee Tooters1924-1926189/71
HEPCD 44SquadronairesThere’s Something In The Air174/56
HEPCD 52Ted Heath and his Music157/58
HEPCD 52Kenny BakerListen To My Music 1944-1946174/56
HEPCD 53Charlie Barnet & h Orchestra157/58
HEPCD 57Kenny BakerListen To My Music 1946-1947174/56
HEPCD 58Kenny BakerBirth Of A Legend ’41-’46174/56
HEPCD 61Kenny BakerListen To My Music 1947-1948174/56
HEPCD 69Kenny BakerListen To My Music 1947-1949174/56
Hi-HatOHR-001Willick Square Jazz BandDig The Willick!141/31
Hindsight501Duke EllingtonThe Collection Recordings 1946-7143/44
HindsightHBCD-502Artie ShawBroadcasts 1938/9150/53
HindsightMBCD 501Duke EllingtonCollection Recordinsg 1946-’47146/31
Hitchcock Media RecordsCD-0404Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz BandThe Frankfurt Concert174/66
HJCD1001Sammy Rimington’s New Orleans QuartetClarinet King In Norway148/40
HJCD1012Magnolia Quartet New Orleans JazzCoquette150/41
Home Made Cake002Bijkerk’s BandJazz Suite Foar Fryslan172/73
Home Made CakeCD 001Johna BijkerkTwente Suite155/34
Hot DogCD 001The Hot DogsDown In Almelo150/34
Hot ’n Sweet151272Duke EllingtonVol .4 1928145/40
Hot ’n Sweet151282Duke EllingtonVol .5 1928145/40
Hot ’n Sweet152232Duke EllingtonVol. 7 1929144/32
Hot ’n Sweet152242Duke EllingtonJungle Blues146/31
Hot ‘N Sweet152242Duke EllingtonVol. 8148/33
Hot ’n Sweet152252Duke EllingtonMood Indigo146/31
Hot’n’Sweet151292Duke EllingtonVol. 6 1929141/32
IAJRCCD 1007Chicagoans147/61
Indigo2041Sleepy John EstesSomeday Baby156/39
InformationRBDL3003Duke Ellington5-1933 tot 3-1935136/44
InformationRDB 3001Duke EllingtonBrunswick Sessions 1932-’35 Vol.1135/38
International Music Comp.Ag 205316-354Abbi Hübner’s Low Down Wizards1964-2001 Go Down To New Orleans177/72
IRD RecordsBix BeiderbeckeComplete output (9CD set)136/59
Iris Music3001845Gypsy Jazz School1938-2002179/38
JasmineJASCD 2536Meade Lux Lewis1956140/56
JasmineJASMCD 2538Boogie WoogieVol.1143/47
JassJCD 6Young Alberta Huntert1939143/47
Jazz & Blues CollectionNo. 66Leroy Carr154/42
Jazz Archives157822Bill Coleman147/58
Jazz Archives157882Adelaide HallCrooning Blackbird149/52
Jazz Archives157942Eddie SouthBlack Gipsy147/60
Jazz Archives157972Django Reinhardt & Hubert RostaingEn Belgique148/47
Jazz Archives158122Charlie JohnsonComplete Sessions146/53
Jazz Archives158192Michel WarlopModernistic146/52
Jazz Archives158472Arthur BriggsHot trumpet In Europe 1927-1933156/51
Jazz Archives159052Ragtime Vol. 11897-1919162/52
Jazz Archives39 Bob Crosby & Bob Cats137/47
Jazz Between The DikesJBTD 9721Igor Bourco’s Uralsky JazzmenOh Mo’nah158/47
Jazz CrusadeCD JCCD 3003Big Bill Bisonnette Easy Riders Jazz BandRhythm Is Our Business141/49
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3001Kid Thomas Valentine & h Algiers StompersSame Old Soup Bone!140/52
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3005Various groups with Sammy RimingtonA Jazz Gumbo Vol. 2153/47
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3009Wilbur De ParisAn Evening At Jimmy Ryan’s155/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3010The Best Of British Jazz Vol. 2It Looks Like A Big Time Tonight153/47
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3011Sammy Rimington, Big Bill Bissonnette, a.o.Tribute To George, Big Jim, Lawrence, a.o.153/48
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3012Brian Carrick’s Heritage Jazz QuartetBest Of The Brits, Vol. IV168/57
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3015Herb Morand & Harlem Hamfats153,48, 155/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3016George Probert & h ReedsSiren Songs153/48
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3019Wilton Crawley, Fess WilliamsCrazy Clarinets – Raucus Reeds155/53
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3022Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz BandChris!157/43
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3023Traditional Jazz Around The World157/42
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3024Reed RenaissanceAs Time Goes By156/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3025Geoff Cole’s Red Hot SevenMainly Morton156/56
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3026Louis Nelson /Alton Purnellw Dave Brennan Jazz Band156/44
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3028Norman Thatcher’s Ragtime BandWhast Do You Want Me To Do?157/56
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3029Johnny Parker 7 h Reunion Bandw Ken Colyer at the 100 Club159/55
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3030Big Bill & Sarah Bissonnette’s Int Jazz BandIn The Gutter159/49
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3031Traditional Jazz Around The WorldVol. 2161/50
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3032Wilbur DeParisLive in Canada 1956161/60
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3033/4Big Bill Bissonnettew Gregg Stafford, Toronto162/44
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3035Jimmy Dorsey’s Dorseyland Jazz BandStatler Hotel162/44
Jazz CrusadeJCCD3036Bunk, Bocage, BechetBoston airshots Vol. 1162/44
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3044Traditional Jazz Around The WorldVol. 3166/49
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3045Sammy Rimington & The Mouldy Five 1999Reed My Lips166/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3046Chris BlountGoin’ Home – A Fond Farewell To Chris Blount166/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3047Geoff Cole & His Hot FiveOne Never Knows, Do One?166/49
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3048Gregg Stafford & The Easy Riders Jazz BandWalking With The king166/50
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3050Big Bill BissonnetteSelects Best Of Jazz Crusade155/42
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3051New Orleans Jazz Sampler154/56
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3052Dr. Michael White w Blue Clarinet StompersTribute To Johnny Dodds171/66
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3053Gregg Stafford meets Brian CarrickStreets Of The City172/66
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3055Pat Hawes170/56
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3056Lee CollinsClub Hangover Airshots w. Ralph Sutton Vol. 1170/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3057Lee CollinsClub Hangover Airshots w. Ralph Sutton Vol. 2170/54
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3058Brian Carrick & his Algiers StompersEverywhere You Go174/61
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3059Rare Cuts – Well DoneVol. 1174/60
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3060Big Bill Bissonette Original Easy Riders Jazz BandWrap Your Troubles In Dreams175/62
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3061Wilbur De ParisAnother Evening At Jimmy Ryan’s174/61
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3062Gregg Stafford/Dr. Michalel WhitePrayind And Swaying Vol. 1 At The Cross175/64
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3067Jacques GautheAll Alone With The Rhythm176/59
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3074Captian John HandyCtjc Concert186/67
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3079Seet Mary Cat & Their North American FriendsTime To Dance179/59
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3082Deparis In Europe1960186/65
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3091Cousin Joe – Alton PurnellNew Orleans Piano Blues186/65,80
Jazz CrusadeJCCD-3093Brian CarrickOh Brian Play That Thing186/66
Jazz Elite Special73414Hazy OsterwaldAnd His Bands186/79
Jazz Elite Special73622Piccadilly SixFan’s Favorites Vol. 2174/67
Jazz HourJHR 73504Duke EllingtonEurope 1958-1959-1963163/46
Jazz HourJHR 73521Jelly Roll MortonA Jazz Hour with JRM132/49
Jazz HourJHR 73544Duke EllingtonEurope 1958-1969163/47
Jazz I Like ItJilcd-02New Orleans Four Plus OneOver In The Gloryland180/69
Jazz In MotionJIM 75219Tony Overwater Trio & Calefax Reed QuintetEllington Suites190/74
Jazz OracleBDW 8001Halfway House Orchestra1925-1928150/49
Jazz OracleBDW 8002Oscar “Papa”Celestin, Sam Morgan1925-1928153/42
Jazz OracleBDW 8025Arkansas ShoutRecorded in Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 1937192/74
Jazz OracleBDW 8050Adrian Rollini1929-1934192/68
Jazz OracleBDW8003Curtis Mosby & Henry Starr155/50
Jazz OracleBDW8004Dorsey BrothersVol. 1157/47
Jazz OracleBDW8005Dorsey BrothersVol. 2157/47
Jazz OracleBDW8006Dorsey BrothersVol. 3161/56
Jazz OracleBDW8007Red Nichols on Edison161/56
Jazz OracleBDW8008Richmond RaritiesAlex Jackson, Red Perkins, a.o.166/58
Jazz OracleBDW8009Gennett RaritiesFrank Bunch, Blackbirds Of Paradise a.o.166/58
Jazz OracleBDW8010Al Turk and Charlie StraightChicago Rhythm166/61
Jazz OracleBDW8011Robert Cloud1927-1931168/62
Jazz OracleBDW8012Douglas Williams1928-1930168/63
Jazz OracleBDW8013Roger Wolfe Kahn’s Orchestra1925-1932168/64
Jazz OracleBDW8014Devine’s Wisconson Roof Orchestraand Bill Carlsen and his Orchestra170/67
Jazz OracleBDW8015Ben PollackVol. 1 (1926-1928)170/63
Jazz OracleBDW8016Ben PollackVol. 2 (1928-1929)171/64
Jazz OracleBDW8017Ben PollackVol. 3 (1929)171/64
Jazz OracleBDW8018Jack Linx Birmingham Society Serenaders & Sigler’s Birmingham MerrymakersRecorded In Atlanta 1924-1927172/65
Jazz OracleBDW8019Original Indiana FiveVol. 1 (1923-1925)171/62
Jazz OracleBDW8020Wilton CrawleyShowman, Composer, Clarinetist 1927-1930173/73
Jazz OracleBDW8021Dallas RhythmJack Gardner, a.o.173/74
Jazz OracleBDW8022George McClennon & Wilton Crawley1923-1930176/69
Jazz OracleBDW8023Dime Store Hot Dance1927-1930182/72
Jazz OracleBDW8024Louisiana Rhythm Kings1929-1930182/68
Jazz OracleBDW8026Ben PollackVol. 4177/64
Jazz OracleBDW8027Arcadia Peacock Orch Of St. Louis & Arcadian SerenadersArcadia Shuffle177/63
Jazz OracleBDW8028Sam ManningWest Indian Jazz Vol.1179/70
Jazz OracleBDW8029Sam ManningWest Indian Jazz Vol.2179/70
Jazz OracleBDW8030Original Indiana FiveVol. 2 (1925)178/67
Jazz OracleBDW8031Original Indiana FiveVol. 3 (1926)178/67
Jazz OracleBDW8032Ben PollackVol. 5180/71
Jazz OracleBDW8033New Orleans Jazz BandNew York 1924-1925180/79
Jazz OracleBDW8034The Original Indiana Five1926-1928 (vol.4)191/73
Jazz OracleBDW8035Jack Purvis183/65
Jazz OracleBDW8036Georgia Washboard Stompers1934-1935182/67
Jazz OracleBDW8037Cliff Jackson1926-1934183/75
Jazz OracleBDW8038Grey Gull Rarities1924-1928183/76
Jazz OracleBDW8039Paramount Hot Dance ObscuritiesVol. 1183/78
Jazz OracleBDW8040Edison Hot Dance ObscuritiesFrank Winegar & B.A. Rolfe185/70
Jazz OracleBDW8041Fess Williams1926-1930185/68
Jazz OracleBDW8042Whoopee Makers & Ben PollackVol. 6189/72
Jazz OracleBDW8043The Red Heads directed by Red NicholsThe compl.rec.of the RH.  1925/27 (3-CD set)190/72
Jazz OracleBDW8044Whoopee Makers & Ben PollackVol. 7189/72
Jazz OracleBDW8045Lud Gluskin1924-1934189/63
Jazz OracleBDW8046Wilbur Sweatman1916-1935190/77
Jazz OracleBDW8047Gift from the President191/71
Jazz OracleBDW8048Edisson Hot Dance ObscuritiesVol.2 Oreste 1926-1929 (Oreste and his Queensland Orch.)191/75
Jazz OracleBDW8049Paramount Hot Dance Obscurities1928-1932. Vol.2191/67
Jazz PerspectiveJPCD 1509-2Teddy Bunn1929-1940156/57
Jazz Time251279-2Le Jazz de ParisVol.10. 1941-1943131/48
Jazz Time7905602Django Reinhardt138/48
Jazz TimeonbekendJazz de SceneVol.14. Parijs 1928-1937131/48
Jazz TribuneND 89741Fats WallerPiano Solos157/55
Jazz Unlimited2012075Coleman Hawkins And His Big BandThe Radio Years 1940177/68
Jazz Unlimited2012077Bunny BeriganRadio Years 1937-1940184/80
Jazz Unlimited2012078Benny CarterThe Radio Years 1939-1940185/70
Jazz Unlimited2012084June ChristyAnd The Johnny Guarneri Quintet180/73
Jazz Unlimited2012085Woody HermanShows 1944-1946183/64
Jazz Unlimited2012086Count BasieAt The Acquarium 1946184/77
Jazz Unlimited2032059Harry JamesAll Star Parade 1943-1949184/75
Jazz Unlimited2012079Woody Herman OrchestraOld Gold Rehearsals175/70
Jazz Unlimited2032076Fats WallerThe Complete Associated Transcription Sessions (1935-1939)176/71
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2023Harry James & h OrchestraRadio Years158/57
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2028Count BasieAt Birdland158/57
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2033Ray McKinley and his Orchestra1946 – 1949173/68
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2034Bing Crosby & Louis ArmstrongHavin’ Fun159/59
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2037Dixieland All Starsfeat. Buck Clayton159/61
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2039Count BasieFresno, California 1954180/73
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2043Duke Ellington & his OrchestraRadio Years 1940-1945169/61
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2047John Kirby SextetComplete Associated Transcriptions Vol. 1169/60
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2048Louis Armstrong/Jack Teagarden/Woody HermanMidnight At V-Disc162/58
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2049Muggsy Spanier & Bud FreemanComplete V-Disc sessions 1944-1945160/59
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2052John Kirby SextetVol. 2 1941-1943178/71
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2058John Kirby SextetVol. 3 1943-1944178/71
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2062Louis JordanWorld Transcriptions178/72
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2064Cootie Williams & Luis RussellBig Bands At The Savoy Vol. 1163/66
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2067Harry JamesHotel Astor Roof 1942171/67
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2069Duke EllingtonThe British Conenction170/35
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD 2074Bob Crosby and his OrchestraRadio Years 1940175/69
Jazz UnlimitedJUCD2056/57Saturday Night Swing ClubOn The Air165/63
Jazz WorldJWD 2527Jazz Guitar150/50
JazzenJACD-001Ken Colyer’s JazzmenLive Kasino Teatret 1953188/59
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-01The International Trio & Olivier FrancThat’s A Plenty190/62
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-02The New Orleans Four Plus OneOver In The Gloryland190/63
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-03The International Trio & René Franc190/63
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-04The European Hot FivePlays the music of Kid Ory190/63
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-05The International Trio & Olivier FrancThe spirit of Sidney Bechet190/63
Jazz-I-LikeJILCD-06The International TrioOld Fashioned Love190/63
JazzologyACD-1Lee Wiley158/37
JazzologyACD-10Lee Wiley158/37
JazzologyACD-113Beryl Bryden158/37
JazzologyACD-220Music Of Hoagy Carmichael158/37
JazzologyJCD 1015/1016Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts 1944142/36
JazzologyJCD 1039/1040This Is Jazz Vol. 8186/68
JazzologyJCD 114Wild Bill DavisonSoloflight137/43
JazzologyJCD 143Wild Bill DavisonLady of the Evening137/43
JazzologyJCD 2Wild Bill Davisonand his Jazzologists  1955137/43
JazzologyJCD 22Wild Bill DavisonAfter Hours137/43
JazzologyJCD 37Wild Bill DavisonJazz on a Sunday Afternoon137/43
JazzologyJCD 42Wild Bill Davisonand his All Star Stompers137/43
JazzologyJCD 82Art HodesAll Star Trio, Columbia Quintet, Jazz Record Six137/46
JazzologyJCD 91Parenti-Davison All Stars137/43
JazzologyJCD 92Parenti-Davison All Stars137/43
JazzologyJCD-10135Dob Goldie153/33
JazzologyJCD-10135King Fisher153/33
JazzologyJCD-1017/18Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts Vol. 9144/34
JazzologyJCD-1019/20Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts Vol. 10153/33
JazzologyJCD-1021Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts Vol. 11156/38
JazzologyJCD-1022Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts Vol. 11156/38
JazzologyJCD-1023Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts Vol. 11156/38
JazzologyJCD-1025/6This Is jazz1947156/38
JazzologyJCD-1027This Is JazzPrograms 4 – 7159/43
JazzologyJCD-1028This Is JazzPrograms 4 – 7159/43
JazzologyJCD-1042Bob Wilber and the Bechet Legacy153/33
JazzologyJCD-105Art Hodes Triow Mezzezzrow156/38
JazzologyJCD-111Bobby Hackett1943152/32
JazzologyJCD-113Art HodesTrios & Quartets160/42
JazzologyJCD-116Brian White-Alan Gresty RagtimersMuggsy Remembered146/35
JazzologyJCD-122Sharkey & h Kings Of Dixieland153/33
JazzologyJCD-138/9Classic Jazz Quartet1984-85150/37
JazzologyJCD-15Max Kaminsky & Pee Wee RussellAt The Copley Terrace154/41
JazzologyJCD-158Bud Freeman etc.159/43
JazzologyJCD-170Eagle Brass Band153/33
JazzologyJCD-18Wild Bill Davison w Alex Welsh148/27
JazzologyJCD-185Bud Freeman& Keith Ingham Trio158/37
JazzologyJCD-201Wild Bill Davison w Alex Welsh160/42
JazzologyJCD-203Lawson Haggart Band140/34
JazzologyJCD-207Edmond Hall148/27
JazzologyJCD-214Bob WilberSidney Bechet Legacy – On The Road140/34
JazzologyJCD-217Pete Fountain143/45
JazzologyJCD-2195Salt City SixAlbert Nicholas, Omer Simeon143/45
JazzologyJCD-223Edmond HallLast Concert156/38
JazzologyJCD-224Ben Pollack Pick-A-Rib Boys143/45
JazzologyJCD-227Bud FreemanCalifornia Session158/37
JazzologyJCD-228Barney Bigard& Peilcan Trio143/45
JazzologyJCD-233Doc Cheatham & Sammy PriceSwinging Down In New Orleans148/27
JazzologyJCD-234Laurie Chescoe’s Good Time Jazz148/49
JazzologyJCD-242Jazz Hot Ensemble150/37
JazzologyJCD-242Jazz Hot Ensemble153/45
JazzologyJCD-244Laurie Chescoe157/39
JazzologyJCD-25Wild Bill DavisonSurfside Jazz140/34
JazzologyJCD-256Herb Hall153/33
JazzologyJCD-259Albert Nicholas & Alan Elsdon band153/33
JazzologyJCD-261John Handy153/33
JazzologyJCD-262Jammin’ At Rudy’s154/41
JazzologyJCD-264Sammy Duncan154/41
JazzologyJCD-266Joe Muranyi154/41
JazzologyJCD-267Hot Strings154/41
JazzologyJCD-269Alan Elsdon157/39
JazzologyJCD-272Ade Monsborough & h Late Hour Boys158/37
JazzologyJCD-273Paul Bacon157/39
JazzologyJCD-274Anglo-American Alliance160/42
JazzologyJCD-275Bob Scobey & H frisco Jazz BandVol. 1157/39
JazzologyJCD-275Bob ScobeyVol. 1160/42
JazzologyJCD-276Steamboat Willie & h Jazz Band161/45
JazzologyJCD-280Nick Fatool’s Jazz Band, Marty Grosz & h Orphan News Boys159/43
JazzologyJCD-283Doc CheathamEchoes Of New Orleans160/42
JazzologyJCD-285Bob ScobeyVol. 2160/42
JazzologyJCD-291Red BalabanCondon Concert161/45
JazzologyJCD-292Red BalabanCondon Concert161/45
JazzologyJCD-296Warren Vachés Syncopating Seven161/45
JazzologyJCD-30Wild Bill Davisonat Bull Run156/38
JazzologyJCD-300World’s Greatest Jazz BandPlay Gershwin, Rodgers& Hart160/42
JazzologyJCD-301World’s Greatest Jazz Concert143/45
JazzologyJCD-302World’s Greatest Jazz Concert 2Spanier, Bechet, Brunies, a.o. 1947142/36
JazzologyJCD-307Art Hodes’ Jazz Trio140/34
JazzologyJCD-343Rudy Balliu153/33
JazzologyJCD-346Papa Joe’s All Stars153/33
JazzologyJCD-35Sidney BechetThis Is jazz 1949 a.o.150/37
JazzologyJCD-35Sidney Bechet & h Circle SevenGenius Of Sidney Bechet152/43
JazzologyJCD-354Eclipse Alley Seven153/33
JazzologyJCD-355Brian Carrick153/33
JazzologyJCD-39Phil NapoleonLive156/38
JazzologyJCD-42Wild Bill Davison & h All Star StompersThis Is Jazz149/50
JazzologyJCD-76Wild Bill DavisonRompin’ And Stompin’152/32
JazzologyJCD-78Jack Maheu158/37
JazzologyJCD83Wild Bill DavisonShowcase137/43
JazzologyJCD-90Red Nichols Five PenniesBattle Hymn Of The Republic157/39
JazzologyJCECD 1001-1023Eddie CondonTown Hall Concerts157/16
Jazzophile-JazztradeBJ CD 04Banana JazzWhat A Dream148/39
JazzpointGJ 2009Benny WatersBenny & Jan (maxi single)164/42
Jazzpointjp 1046German Jazz Concerts1960s + 1989164/42
Jazzpointjp 1048Oscar Klein Jazz ShowVol. II164/42
Jazzpointjp 1052San Marino Jazz Festival1995164/42
JazzpointJP 1055Birelli Lagrange EnsembleRoutes To Django165/40
Jazzpoint RecordsCDJP 1062Louis Armstrong & His All-StarsLive In Berlin, Friedichstadt Palast169/62
JazztimeJTCD008Sammy RimingtonRarities from the KliKo collection. Vol.1190/61
JazztimeJTCD009Sammy RimingtonRarities from the KliKo collection. Vol.2190/61
JazztradeSL-CD-Watergate SevenUne Soirée Au Petit Journal Vol. 2144/35
JazztradeSL-CD-4020Charquet & Co avec Daniel Barda133/46
JazztradeSL-CD-4020Charquet & Coavec Daniel Barda141/34
JazztradeSL-CD-4022Le 78 All Stars inviteManda Djinn, Danile Huck, Ludovic de Preissac141/34
JazztradeSL-CD-4030HurelJust Back From New Orleans144/34
JazztradeSL-CD-4036Tony MarlowFlagrant Delit au Slow Club141/35
JazztradeSL-CD-4037Dany Doriz OctetCaveau de la Huchette141/35
JazztradeSL-CD-5032Jean-Paul AnnourouxOrchestral Boogie Vol. 2144/34
JazztradeSL-CD-5033Les NuitsJazz & Boogie Piano144/35
JazztradeSL-CD-8038Stefan PatryMy Funny Valentine144/34
Jerry’s DiscEVA-1700-2Dick McDonough & h OrchestraOriginal 1936-37 Recordings154/56
JorecsCD 00105Jazz LipsLive Im Jazzclub Hademarschen 2001175/66
JPO International200113The Ramblers o.l.v. Jacques ScholsPlatina 75 jaar173/65
JSPCD 335Lonnie JohnsonPlaying With The Strings149/50
JSPCD 342Django ReinhardtLondon Deccas 1938-1939 Vol. 2147/57
JSPCD 343Django ReinhardtParis Deccas 1938-1940 Vol. 3147/57
JSPCD 349Django ReinhardtVol. 5150/49
JSPCD 603Memphis Country BluesStokes, Johnosn, Bracey144/33
JSPCD 606Memphis Jug BandVol. 1 (1927-1928)145/43
JSPCD404JSP Jazz SessionsVol. 2 London 1980-85162/62
Jur1150Jurbena Jazz BandKing Chanticleer188/67
JX2000.0110JazzterixOur Choice Of Twenty Years169/63
KazzpointCDJP 1063Louis Armstrong & His All-StarsLegendary Berlin Concert part II173/63
KCT3CDKen ColyerMore Of Ken Colyer & h Handpicked Jazzmen145/45
Kimbell111299Dokter Jazz & CoMoulin A Café172/72
KochCD 322 909Savoy Jazzmen30th Anniversary142/44
KochKSD 8705-2Beau HunksOn To the Sun157/54
Koning Boudewijn StichtingJazz In Little BelgiumRobert Pernet Collectie184/61
Lace RecordsLACE-REC2001-01Big Easy BunchFeat. Sammy Rimington Was It a Dream?176/61
LakeLACB100Celebration Of Lake RecordsFirst 100 albums163/64
LakeLACD 12Bruce Turner / Wally Fawkes / Sandy BrownJuicy And Full Tones171/57
LakeLACD 121Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz BandIn Concert 1968167/43
LakeLACD 122Cy LaurieBlows Blue Hot167/44
LakeLACD 123Freddy Randall & his Band1953-1955167/19
LakeLACD 123Freddy Randall & his Bandfeat. Arc ie Semple167/44
LakeLACD 124Ron WeatherburnRagtime Piano167/44
LakeLACD 125Sonny Morris & The Delta Jazz BandNear The Cross168/59
LakeLACD 126Ian Menzies % His Clyde Valley Stompers1959-1961168/60
LakeLACD 127Bob Wallis & Storyville JazzmenWallis Collection168/60
LakeLACD 128George Webb’s Dizielanders1943-1947168/60
LakeLACD 129Rachel Pennell w. Stan Greig SextetPapa Said168/69
LakeLACD 130Chris Barber’ Jazz Band& Sister Rosetta Tharpe 1957168/60
LakeLACD 131Alan Gresty\Brian White’s RagtimersMuted Trumpet, Slide Trombone169/55
LakeLACD 132Chris Blount CollectionOver In The Gloryland168/60
LakeLACD 134The Great RevivalTraditional Jazz 1949-1958 Vol. 1170/55
LakeLACD 135The Great RevivalTraditional Jazz 1949-1958 Vol. 2170/55
LakeLACD 136The Great RevivalTraditional Jazz 1949-1958 Vol. 3170/55
LakeLACD 137The Great RevivalTraditional Jazz 1949-1958 Vol. 4170/55
LakeLACD 141Chris Barber’s Jazz BandThe Complete Decca Sessions 1954/1955171/57
LakeLACD 143Chris Barber’s Jazz BandThe Complete Decca Sessions 1954/1955171/57
LakeLACD 143Wally Fawkes & The TroglodytesFlook Digs Jazz172/56
LakeLACD 144Ken Colyers JazzmenColyer Plays Standards172/56
LakeLACD 145Alex Welsh & His DixielandersIt Has To Be………..172/57
LakeLACD 146Featurind Alan Elsdon172/57
LakeLACD 147Saints Jazz BandSwingin’ With The Saints172/57
LakeLACD 148Temperance SevenThe Parlophone Recordings Vol. 2173/58
LakeLACD 149Laurie Chescoe’s Goodtime JazzNow We Are 10173/58
LakeLACD 150Mick Mulligan Jazz Bandfeaturing George Melly-Ravers173/58
LakeLACD 151Clinton Ford with Alan Elsdon & His BandClinton Ford Sings / Alan Elsdon Swings173/58
LakeLACD 152Sonny Morris & The Delta Jazz BandSonny174/66
LakeLACD 153Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsThe Storm Is Passing Over175/66
LakeLACD 154John Crocker QuartetFine & Dandy175/66
LakeLACD 155Terry Loghtfoot’s JazzmenWaldo’s EntertainersMainly Traditional175/66
LakeLACD 156Cy LaurieJazz From The Roots175/66
LakeLACD 157Pee Wee Russell w Alex Welsh and his Band176/64
LakeLACD 158The Great RevivalVol. 5175/67
LakeLACD 159Bruce Turner Jump BandJumpin’ For Joy176/65
LakeLACD 160Sandy BrownWork Song177/56
LakeLACD 161Teddy WilsonWith The Dave Shephard Quartet177/56
LakeLACD 162The Dave Carey Jazz BandThe Complete Sessions 1955-57177/56
LakeLACD 163Eric Silk And His Southern Jazz BandBlues Down South177/56
LakeLACD 164Cy LaurieShades Of Cy177/57
LakeLACD 165Delta Jazz BandW Colin Bowden178/64
LakeLACD 166Graeme Bell & H Australian Jazz BandBig Walkabout In London178/64
LakeLACD 167Acker Bilk & Wally Fawkes178/64
LakeLACD 168Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsW. Christine Tyrrell – Let’s Face The Music178/64
LakeLACD 169Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars Of JazzBridging The Gap179/62
LakeLACD 170Freddy Randall & H Band1949-1951178/65
LakeLACD 171Peanuts Hucko W Alex Welsh BandVol. 1178/65
LakeLACD 172Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band1948-1951179/63
LakeLACD 173Mike Durham’s Westmjesmond Rhythm KingsW. Keith Nichols – Jubilee Stomp179/63
LakeLACD 174Fryer-Barnhart International All Star Jazz BandJubilee179/63
LakeLACD 176Mick Mulligan Jazz BandWith George Melly – Love180/67
LakeLACD 177Vintage Dutch Swing College BandVol. 1 1948-1949180/68
LakeLACD 178Turk MurphySouthern Stomps181/72
LakeLACD 179Alex Welsh1955-56181/59
LakeLACD 180Humphrey Lyttelton RhythmakersScatterbrains181/60
LakeLACD 181Svannah Jazz BandFirct Choice181/60
LakeLACD 182Vintage Crane River Jazzband1950-1952183/62
LakeLACD 183Bud FreemanWith Alex Welsh & His Band183/62
LakeLACD 184Bruce TurnerThe Jump Band Collection184/64
LakeLACD 185Record Supervisor Collection184/64
LakeLACD 19Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen + Sammy RimingtonWhen I Leave The World Behind133/49
LakeLACD 19Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen with Sammy RimingtonWhen I Leave The World Behind134/38
LakeLACD 190Ken Colyer’s JazzmenVintage Ken Colyer184/64
LakeLACD 191Monty Sunshine Jazz BandThe Sunshine Of Your Blues185/64
LakeLACD 192Terry Lightfoot’s New Orleans JazzmenLightfoot At Landsdowne185/65
LakeLACD 193Al Fairweather & Sandy BrownAl & Sandy185/65
LakeLACD 194Chris Barber’s Jazz BandBandbo185- No. 1185/65
LakeLACD 195Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz BandMr. Acker Bilk’s Landsdowne Folio185/65
LakeLACD 196Delta Jazz BandWith Colin Bowden Delta Bravo185/65
LakeLACD 197Richard Bennett’s New Oerleans Jazz BandFlying186/69
LakeLACD 198TJ JohnsonThe Heat Of The Night186/69
LakeLACD 199Cy LaurieA Jazz Club Session187/63
LakeLACD 20Dave Brennan’s Jubilee Jazz BandTake Me to the Mardi Gras136/48
LakeLACD 200Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsSwing That Music!186/70
LakeLACD 201DKen Colyer’s JazzmenThis Is Jazz Vol.1 & Vol.2187/63
LakeLACD 202Humphrey LytteltonHumphrey Returns To The Conway187/63
LakeLACD 202Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandHumph Returns To The Conway188/59
LakeLACD 203Alex WelshIt’s Right Here For You187/63
LakeLACD 203Alex Welsh And His BandIt’s Right Here For You188/59
LakeLACD 204Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsOn The Road Again187/63
LakeLACD 205Terry Lightfoot’s New Orleans JazzmenTrad Parade187/63
LakeLACD 206Fryer-Barnhart International All Star Jazz BandLive And Kicking!187/64
LakeLACD 207Wally FawkesCollection187/64
LakeLACD 208DChris BarberIn Switzerland187/64
LakeLACD 209Ken Colyer’s JazzmenNew Orleans To London / Back To The Delta189/61
LakeLACD 210DChris Barber’s Jazz BandClassic Concerts Berlin/Copenhagen/London189/61
LakeLACD 211Al Fairweather & Sandy BrownDoctor McJazz189/62
LakeLACD 212Terry Lightfoot’s JazzmenTradition In Color189/62
LakeLACD 213Mr. Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz BandThe Noble Art Of Mr. Acker Bilk189/62
LakeLACD 214T.J. Johnsonpresents Bourbon Kick189/62
LakeLACD 23Bod HallAt the Window139/41
LakeLACD 27George Lewis w Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen1966141/35
LakeLACD 3Harry Gold & His Pieces Of EightLive In Leipzig169/55
LakeLACD 35Marilyn Middleton Pollockw Lake Records All Star Jazz Band146/47
LakeLACD 37Denise Lawrence & Storyville TickleLet It Shine146/52
LakeLACD 41Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsHere’s To You150/52
LakeLACD 49Controversial Bruce Turner bandThat’s The Blues Dad152/37
LakeLACD 52GED Hone’s Dixie BoysSmooth Sailing151/47
LakeLACD 54Gambit Jazzmen w Tim LaughlinKing Of The Mardi Gras151/47
LakeLACD 55/56Chris Barber’s Jazz BandChris Barber Concerts152/42
LakeLACD 6Ken Colyer’s JazzmenClub Session w. Colyer170/55
LakeLACD 7Ken ColyerDecca Skiffle Sessions146/47
LakeLACD 8Alex WelshLive At Royal Festival Hall 1954/55171/57
LakeLACD101Ken Colyer’s JazzmenOut Of Nowhere163/61
LakeLACD102Sonny Morris & The Delta Jazz BandSilver Bell163/61
LakeLACD103Colin Kingwell’s Jazz BanditsSpreading A Little Happiness163/61
LakeLACD104Ian Wheeler/Sammy Rimington BandReed All About It’163/62
LakeLACD105Saints Jazz Band164/58
LakeLACD107Alex Welsh & His BandStrike One164/59
LakeLACD108George ChisholmIn A Mellow Tone164/61
LakeLACD111Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsHush Hush …….. Somebody’s Calling My Name165/62
LakeLACD112Savannah Jazz BandNothing Blues165/52
LakeLACD113Merseysippi Jazz BandSenior Moments165/60
LakeLACD114Kenny Ball & His JazzmenBack At The Start165/60
LakeLACD115Bob Hunt’s Duke Ellington Orch.What A Life!165/64
LakeLACD116Keith Smith with special guest Acker BilkForty Yeasrs On165/63
LakeLACD117Terry Lightfoot’s JazzmenStrictly Traditional166/64
LakeLACD118Mike Daniels & His Delta JazzmenTogether Again166/64
LakeLACD14Ken Colyer’s JazzmenIn The Beginning!47/22
LakeLACD16The Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz BandThe Old  Rugged Cross131/38
LakeLACD18Marilyn Middleton PollockThose women of the vaudeville blues132/45
LakeLACD216Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandBlues in the night191/63
LakeLACD217Sims-Wheeler Vintage Jazz BandHigh Spirits191/63
LakeLACD218Mr.Acker Bilk & The Stan Tracey Big BrassBlue Acker191/64
LakeLACD219Chris barber’s Jazz Band with Ottilie PattersonBest Yet!191/64
LakeLACD22Sarah Spencer / Rue Conti Jazz BandLaissez les bon temps rouler138/43
LakeLACD220John Hallam & Jeff BarnhartMr.Gentle and Mr.Hot191/64
LakeLACD221The Fryer-Barnhart Int. All Star Jazz BandThe First Album191/64
LakeLACD24Jesse FullerRailroad Worksong140/50
LakeLACD25Ken Colyer’s JazzmenStudio 51 Revisited140/37
LakeLACD28Ged Hone’s New Orleans Boys w Chris BlountThrowing Stones At The Sun142/38
LakeLACD30Ottillie Pattersonw Chris Barber’s Jazzband143/58
LakeLACD31Milton Batistew Rue Conti Jazz Band143/48
LakeLACD32Ian Wheelerat Farnham Maltings143/60
LakeLACD33Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-Starsw Christine Tyrrell144/45
LakeLACD-34Ken Colyer’s JazzmenColyer’s Pleasure144/38
LakeLACD36Mr. Acker Bilk & H Paramount Jazz Band1957146/20
LakeLACD39Chris Barber’s Jazz BandHot Gospel!47/22,54
LakeLACD4Lake Records All Starsfeat. Chris Blount, Ray Foxley, Paul Munnery142/39
LakeLACD40Celebrating Early Jazz147/60
LakeLACD42Marilyn Middleton Pollock a.o.Red Hot And Blue148/45
LakeLACD45Mike Durham’s West Jesmond Rhythm KingsShake ‘Em Loose149/49
LakeLACD46Sonny Morris & The Delta Jazz BandYhe Spirit Lives On149/38
LakeLACD47Monty Sunshine Jazz BandNew Orleans Hula150/48
LakeLACD48Mr. Acker Bilk & H Paramount Jazz BandThe Nixa Jazz Collection150/48
LakeLACD-50DeDe Pierce, George LewisA Portrait Of George Lewis151/38
LakeLACD51Savannah Jazz band150/48
LakeLACD53Acker Bilk w Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen152/36
LakeLACD57Crane River Jazz BandThe Legendary153/35
LakeLACD58McJazz & Friensdfeat. Al Fairweather, Dick Heckstall-Smith153/49
LakeLACD59Colin Kingwell’s Jazz BanditsAlways For Pleasure154/54
LakeLACD60Denise Lawrence & Storeyville TickleCan’t Help Lovin’ These Men Of Mine153/45
LakeLACD61Cy Laurie Jazz BandChattanooga Stomp155/47
LakeLACD62Alex Welsh & His BandMusic From The Mauve Decade154/53
LakeLACD63Sonny Morris & The Delta Jazz Band156/44
LakeLACD64Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-Starsw Christine Tyrrell155/46
LakeLACD65New Black Eagle Jazz Bandw Rudy Balliu, Butch Thompson154/58
LakeLACD68Ken Colyer’s Skiffle GroupWandering155/52
LakeLACD69John Barnes & Roy WilliamsLike We Do156/57
LakeLACD71Beryl Bryden & The Bkur BoysI’ve Got What It takes155/56
LakeLACD72Humprey LytteltonDelving Back Wit Humph Vol. 2157/49
LakeLACD75Fairwearther’s FriendsMade Tp Measure157/57
LakeLACD76Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen1960-1961157/50
LakeLACD77Temperance SevenPasadena & The Lost Cylinders158/52
LakeLACD78Goff Dubber w Neville Dickie TrioClarinet Marmalade158/46
LakeLACD79Ian Menzies & H Clyde Valley Stompers1959-1960158/52
LakeLACD80Keith Smith Hefti Jazz AllstarsSwing Is Here Again158/53
LakeLACD81Sonny Morris & Delta Jazz BandFriendsSonny meets Pat158/53
LakeLACD82Savannah Jazz BandOut In The Cold158/53
LakeLACD83Groove Juice Special & Sweet Substitute158/53
LakeLACD84Pat Halcox All Stars159/58
LakeLACD85Merseysippi Jazz BandMersey Tunnel Jazz159/56
LakeLACD86Micky Ashman & h Ragtime BandThrough Darkest Ashman159/56
LakeLACD87Chris Barber’s Jazz BandEchoes Of Harlem, Sonny, Brownie & Chris159/56
LakeLACD88Kenny Bakerpresents the Half Dozen After Hours160/59
LakeLACD89Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band1948 & 1986160/56
LakeLACD90Esquire Skiffle Sessions160/62
LakeLACD91Bob Wallis Storyville JazzmenOl’ Man River161/61
LakeLACD92Alex Welsh BandDixieland To Duke / Melrose Folio161/61
LakeLACD93Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-StarsWest Indies Blues160/60
LakeLACD94Sandy BrownHistoric Usher Call Concert 1952161/61
LakeLACD95Black Eagle Jazz Bandat Naworth Castle162/61
LakeLACD96Paul Munnery & h Band162/60
LakeLACD97Stan Greig1971162/45
LakeLACD98Eric Silk a.h. Southern Jazz Band163/64
LakeLACD99Laurie Chescoe’s Goodtime JazzFeeling Good162/55
LakeLACS1Jennings Traditional Ale & Jazz181/60
LakeLACS2Traditional Jazz Clarinet181/60
LakeLACS3The Traditional Gospel Collection187/64
LakeLACD29Savannah Jazz Band142/42
Laserlight17155Bill Coleman – Dany Doritz Quintet184/71
Laserlight15783Duke EllingtonPortland, Oregon 1953-1954140/33
Laserlight15784Duke EllingtonPortland, Oregon 1953-1954140/33
Laserlight15785Duke EllingtonPortland, Oregon 1953-1954140/33
Laserlight15786Duke EllingtonPortland, Oregon 1953-1954140/33
Laserlight15787Duke EllingtonPortland, Oregon 1953-1954140/33
Leap FrogLe9356cdRoger Marks’armada Jazz BandNew Orleans Surprise186/70
Let’s Do ItLDI-4Keith SmithPortrait Vol. 3154/54
Limelight518226-2Duke EllingtonGreat London Concerts162/41
Limelight820 589-2Buster BaileyAll about Memphis132/47
Limelight820 592-2Duke EllingtonVintage Performances.  Brunswick 1927-1934132/49
Limelight820 601-2Dicky WellsBones for the King132/47
Limelight844401-2Duke Ellington1946158/35
LinnAKD 090Martin TaylorSpirit Of Django163/64
Linn RecordsAKD 094Stephane Grappelli w. Martin Taylor’s Spirit Of DjangoCelebrating Grappelli162/62
Little Beat RecordsLBRCD 50001Harlem Kiddies1940-1945190/64
Little LabelLl001Little BandTrès Moutarde179/61
Loose TieLOTCD 4312Pete AllenBest Of Pete Allen – Reeds ‘n’ Rhythm164/61
Loose TieLOTCD4316The First Class SoundsMaking Tracks174/65
Loose Tie RecordsLOTCD 4306Pete Allen Jazz BandAll Aboard For Alabam!160/57
Loose Tie RecordsLOTCD 4310Digby Fairweather & First Class SoundsRecorded Delivery160/58
MACCD001Charleston ChasersTurn On The Heat172/75
MAD982112Clarence WilliamsThe 1923-1931 Recordings  (3 CD set)137/49
Magic Dawe39Duke EllingtonParis Novem 1958161/44
Magic Dawe40Duke EllingtonParis Novem 1958161/44
MagneticMRCD 119Duke EllingtonParis October 1958161/43
MagpiePY CD21Boogie Woogie Boys1938-944147/42,61
MarlstoneCDL 9927Mosam Skiffle TrainRent Party168/64
Master Music0705Ella & Louis, Duke, Count, etc.Sample Record167/45
Master Tone0883Dutch Swing College BandPlays Duke Ellington166/63
MatchboxMBCD 2001Texas AlexanderVol. 1 1927-1928142/37
MC520Louis Lince’s Backstairs Boys145/37
MC530Louis Lince’s Big Four145/37
MCA26292Anthology Of Big Band Swing150/53
MCAMCAD 42325Duke EllingtonThe Brunswick Area 11/1926-1/29134/34
MCAMCAD 42348Duke EllingtonThe Jungle Band 1/1929-1/31134/34
MCAWM C5-325Duke EllingtonVol.1 ’26-’28 The Kentucky Club to The Cotton Club’Days135/38
MCAWM C5-326Duke EllingtonVol.2 1929 The Cotton Club Days135/38
MCAWM C5-327Duke EllingtonVol.3 1930-’31 The Cotton Club Days135/38
MédiaMJCD 52Duke EllingtonVol. 5 1928144/32
Media 7MJCD 101Duke EllingtonVol. 8155/38
Media 7MJCD 3Count BasieVol. 1 1929-1930143/61
Media 7MJCD 8Duke Ellingtonvol.1 1924-1926136/43
Media 7MJCD 9Duke Ellingtonvol.2 1926-1927136/43
Média 7MJCD 25Duke EllingtonVol. 3 1927-1928140/32
Media 8MJCD 4Count BasieVol. 2 1930-1932143/61
MellotoneMello-0009Al Starita And The Kit-Cat Band1925-1927182/71
MemoriesME CD 13-14-15Claude Luter & Ses Lorientais1947-1949174/11, 184/74
Mercury526389-2Dutch Swing College BandHit Souvenirs149/53
Mercury526390-2Dutch Swing College BandBoys Meet Girls149/53
Mercury528621-2Ellen & The Gypsy BoysHot Baroque151/32
Mercury564.181-2Dutch Jazz Masters70 Years Dutch Jazz165/59
MJBCD7Merseysippi Jazz BandThe Quality of Mersey157/52
MLCD93Max lager’s New orleans Stompersw Sammy Rimington146/38
Mons RecordsMR 874 366Thilo Wolf Big BandLive At “Swing It!” Vol. 3189/69
MosaicMD3-132George LewisComplete Blue Note Recordings166/52
MosaicMD5-160Duke Ellington154/39
MosaicMD5-193Duke EllingtonNov 1962 – April 1965171/40
MosaicMD6-217.6Louis Prima & Wingy ManoneComplete Brunswck And Vocalion Recordings181/69
MosaicMD7-211Bix Beiderbecke, Frank Trumbauer And TeagardenComplete Okeh And Brunswick Sessions 1924-1936177/62
MosaicMD8-213Joe Venuti & Eddie LangClassic Columbia & Okeh Sessions 1926-1933179/66
MosaicJack TeagardenComplete Roulette Sessions 1959-1961181/76
Movies Select VideoBeau HunksPlay the Original Laurel & Hardy Music Vol. 2143/59
MunichBMCD 473Champagne CharlieMr.Charles Blues192/73
MunichBMCD327Handsome Harry CompanyBoogie Don’t Stop176/67
MunichBMCD343Piet NoordijkNew Quintet And Strings181/63
MunichBMCD362Tzigane SwingUn Petit Repos184/76
MunichBMCD378Jazzmania Big BandNew Impressions180/70
MunichBMCD408The Jazz FactorFlying184/75
MunichBMCD411The Handsome Harry CompanyBlue Evergreen183/74
MunichBMCD426Waltz NewEuropean Way Of Jazz185/77
MunichBMCD443Fra Fra Sound / Kid Dynamite187/75
MunichBMMCD 271Stable Roof Jazz BandLead me On134/18
MunichBMMCD 274Revival Jass BandSwing That Music134/45
MunichBMMCD 275Bernard BerkhoutYou’d be so nice to come home to138/47
MunichBMMCD 276CapelinoJust in Time135/46
MunichBMMCD 277Charlestown Jazz BandHodge Podge & Cigars139/43
MunichBMMCD 280Ceres BandThe Big One165/61
MunichBMMCD 283Rhine Town Jazzband145/51
MunichBMMCD 284Charlestown Jazz BandDo You Know What It Means149/46
MunichBMMCD 289QuintessenceGet The Feeling156/54
Munich RecordsBMCD 304Piet Noordijk Quintet171/70
Munich RecordsBMCD 305Munich Bird Award Winners171/70
Munich RecordsBMMCD 284Charlestown Jazz BandDo You Know What It Means148/49
Music Masters01612-65095-2Benny GoodmanSwing Swing Swing Vol 1-5157/58
Music Masters01612-65114-2Duke EllingtonCornell Concert158/36
Music Masters01612-65162-2Duke EllingtonCornell Concert 2nd set158/36
Music MeccaCD 1021-2Sammy RimingtonOne Swiss Night139/38
Music MeccaCD 1032-2Ken Colyer In Hollandw the Storyville Jazzband144/38
Music MeccaCD 103302Fat Man Williams feat. Sammy Rimington & Doc HoulindThe Spirit Of New Orleans 2150/40
Music MeccaCD 1037-2Doc Houlind Copenhagen Ragtime BandTribute To George Lewis148/40
Music MeccaCD 1087-2Mr. Acker Bilk Meest Gentlemen Of Jazzfeat. Ole “Fessor”Lindgreen155/47
Music MeccaCD 1088-2Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandIn The Sixties Vol. 1155/48
Music MeccaCD 1089-2Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandIn The Sixties Vol. 2155/48
Music MeccaCD 1090-2Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandCanal Street Blues155/48
Music MeccaCD 2011-2Thais Clarkw Fessor’s Funky New Orleanians157/51
Music MeccaCD 2086-2Ken Colyer JazzmenIn Storyville Jazzclub180/68
Music MeccaCD 2101-2Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandCollection 1986-1993155/48
Music MeccaCD 3052-2Peruna JazzmenA Tribute To Louis Armstrong175/67
Music MeccaCD1026-2Gentlemen Of JazzWe’ll Meet Again143/60
Music MeccaCD1038-2Femo Jazz25th Anniversary149/53
Music MeccaCD1067-2Gentlemen Of Jazz10 years Anniversary “Gentle Jazz”151/40
Music MeccaCD130591Gentlemen Of JazzThird Time Round138/45
Music Memoria33000Duke EllingtonOn The Air 1932-1940151/36
MusicraftMVSCD 52Duke Ellington10/1946-12/’46138/33
Nagel Heyer55Mark Shane X-Mas All StarsWhat Would Santa Say?177/70
Nagel Heyer2050Ralph ReichertW Randy Sandke188/70
Nagel Heyer3002Randy SandkeMeets Bix Beiderbecke178/70
Nagel Heyer5001George Masso & Ken PeplowskiJust Friends178/74
Nagel Heyer5002Harry Allen QuintetNight At Birdland Vol. 1178/76
Nagel Heyer5003Butch Miles & Howard AldenSoul Mates178/75
Nagel Heyer5004Buck ClaytonSwings The Village177/71
Nagel Heyer5005Harry Allen QuintetNight At Birdland Vol. 2183/71
Nagel Heyer5006Warren VachéMy Shining Hour184/63
Nagel Heyer5007Bob WilberAnd Friends185/62
Nagel Heyer5008Marty GroszRing Dem Bells188/69
Nagel Heyer090Dylan CramerBumpin’ on Sunset190/80
Nagel HeyerCD 058Rediscovered Louis and BixLost Musical Treasures of Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke175/73
Nagel HeyerCD 066Engelbert Wrobel, Frank Roberscheuten, Chris HopkinsJammin’173/75
Nagel HeyerCD 068Clark Terry – Herr OberLive At Birdland Neuburg176/76
Nagel HeyerCD 069Frank TateLive In Belfast176/77
Nagel HeyerCD 070The Sound Of The Alex Welsh Legacy BandVol. 1176/65
Nagel HeyerCD 072The Swingcats AliveFace To Face176/70
Nagel HeyerCD 074Allen Vaché and Harry AllenAllen And Allen176/76
Nagel HeyerCD 075Danny Moss Quartet + Roy WilliamsSteam Power179/74
Nagel HeyerCD 076Sidney Bechet SocietyJam Session Concert177/66
Nagel HeyerCD 077New York All StarsPlay Lionel Hampton Vol. 2176/73
Nagel HeyerCD 080Buddy Tate& Torsten Zwingenberger Swingtet181/64
Nagel HeyerCD 082Engelbert Wrobel, Chris Hopkins, Dan BarrettHar;Em 2000180/70
Nagel HeyerCD 083Harry EdisonThere Will Never Be Another You179/68
Nagel HeyerCD 084Bob Crosby BobcatsGoing Places, Doing Things179/74
Nagel HeyerCD 086Ralph SuttonLive: The Music Of Ftas Waller183/70
Nagel HeyerCD 087SwingcatsGet Happy!184/78
Nagel HeyerCD 088Allan Vaché Big FourStrike Two!184/63
Nagel HeyerCD094Ralph SuttonIt’s so nice it must be illegal ! (vol.1)191/73
Nagel-Heyer2001Wycliffe GordonSlidin’ Home168/61
Nagel-Heyer2002Byron StriplingStripling Now!168/61
Nagel-HeyerCD 026Allan Vaché & Antti SarpilaSwing Is Here158/37
Nagel-HeyerCD 027Allan Vaché & Antti Sarpila & 1Summit Meeting158/37
Nagel-HeyerCD 032Florida Jazz Allstars158/38
Nagel-HeyerCD 033Warren VachéWarren Plays Warren158/38
Nagel-HeyerCD 034Danny Moss Meets Buddha’s GamblersA Swingin’Affair158/38
Nagel-HeyerCD 038Ralph Sutton & h All StarsEchoes Of Swing160/57
Nagel-HeyerCD 039Marty Grosz QuartetJust For Fun160/57
Nagel-HeyerCD 040Mark Shane & Terry BlaineWith Thee I Swing!161/61
Nagel-HeyerCD 041New York AllstarsCount Basie Remembered158/38, 161/61
Nagel-HeyerCD 042Vaché-Allred-Metz Family Jazz BandSide By Side161/62
Nagel-HeyerCD 051David Ostwald’s Gully Low Jazz BandBlues In Our Heart168/61
Nagel-HeyerCD 052Jeanie Lamb and the Danny Moss QuartetThe Blue Noise Session168/61
Naxos8120712Bix BeiderbeckeVol. 2 Bix Lives!185/80
Naxos Jazz Legends8.120548Benny GoodmanSwing Favorites Vol. 1 (1935-1936)175/75
NCRV9081Van Big Band tot Small ComboNederland in de jaren 40131/45
NCRV9182Frans Poptie’s Swing Special QuintetFunny Strings
NCRV9280The Millers138/47
NCRV93 6034The Ramblers & The SkymastersTerug In De Tijd141/49
NCRV94 6039Johnny MeyerAll Of Me144/48
NCRVNederlandse Swing Combo’s 1940-1955Terug In De Tijd, deel 3136/55
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No labelBBB 001Boomerangs Jazz BandLive148/32
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Philips848 811-2Jazz Behind the DikesPart 2134/44
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Prive UitgaveSchagen DowntownJazzfestival 1997158/31
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Prive UitgaveTin Pan Alley Jazz BandJust Now162/37
Prive UitgavePolytourLe Roi Des Jongleurs162/38
Prive UitgaveEvergreen Jazz BandMillennium Swing166/38
Prive UitgavePolytourDjango Chanté167/28
Prive UitgaveKenny Ball & His JazzmenNow 4 The Millenniume168/60
Prive UitgaveHot Club De Frank170/35
Prive UitgaveMike Durham’s Swing SixAn Hour With Fats And Friends172/58
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Prive UitgaveQuatre TicketsA Touch Of Django174/42
Prive UitgaveCosimini TrioJanine174/43
Prive UitgaveHot Revival StompersLet The Great Big World Keep Turming174/72
Prive UitgaveKeith Smith with his Hefty All Stars175/65
Prive UitgaveMiss Lulu White’s Red Hot Creole Jazz BandLustrumconcerts with Friends175/69
Prive UitgaveJazz-O-Matic FourHappy Feet175/78
Prive UitgaveWetterwille Jazz BandMisty175/78
Prive UitgaveOrkest Jan de Jong176/42
Prive UitgaveDoe JazzJazz In De Achterhoek176/79
Prive UitgaveSgt. Pepper’s Jazz Club10 Years Sound Of Jazz177/74
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Prive UitgaveSilver Leaf Brassband179/51
Prive UitgaveMiltonizing La Vida179/51
Prive UitgaveJolly Jazz FoolsNice To Meet You!179/64
Prive UitgaveMetropole Orkest O.L.V. Jan StulenKodachrome – Compositions For Orchestra By Raymond Scott179/68
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Prive UitgaveYvonne Walter181/57
Prive UitgaveMardi Gras Jazzband183/67
Prive UitgaveJean Shy & Jazz Band Ball OrchestraOther Side Of Blue183/80
Prive UitgaveYou’re My Flame186/68
Prive UitgaveJuggets Jazz BandJubilee188/66
Prive UitgaveNatural Gas Jazz BandWater From An Ancient Well188/67
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Prive UitgaveWillie Ashman Original Jazz BandThat’s My Home189/64
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Privë UitgaveWhite House Orchestra142/32
Proarte DigitalCDD 3405Artie Shaw143/61
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ProgressivePCD-7100Claude Williams159/43
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Proper RecordsGene Krupa Story165/42
Proper RecordsSpike Jones and his City Slickers165/42
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QuintessenceNN500.200-2Swingdansen Verboden173/65
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Raymer SoundRscd747Armada Jazz BandWhere’s That Tiger177/57
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ReunionCD RR 9401Lex van Wel and his Swing Orchestra146/29
RGNET1012CDRough Guide To Classic Jazz158/49
Riff85025-2Lils MackintoshIt’s Nor Perfect To Be Easy142/46
Riff85026-2Faoy Lafertin QuartetAurore141/43
Riff85034-02Gipsy BoysPure146/51
Riff85039-2ArmandoThe Violinist148/30
Riff85040-2Lils MackintoshThis Is The Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known148/48
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Riviera RecordsRJR CD 003Gorni KramerVol. 2 Jazz In Italy In The 30’s170/59
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Rose RecordsRRCD 1021Annie Hawkins – Dave Bailey New Orleans QuartetEye To Eye171/58
Rose RecordsRRCD 1022Trevor WhitingFlamingo172/57
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Rose RecordsRRCD 1025John Petters TrioStompin’ At The Savoy – Tribute to Benny Goodman175/75
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Rose RecordsRRCD 1027John Petters’ Swing BandKeepin’out Of Mischief180/68
Rose RecordsRRCD 1028John Petters’ Swing BandBing – The Road To Rhythm And Swing183/62
Rose RecordsRRCD 1030John Petters’ Swing BandSwinging Down Memory Lane185/66
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Rose RecordsRRCD1008Yank Lawson w John Petters, Kenny davern w John Petters158/54
Rose RecordsRRCD1009John Petters’ Bechet Centenary BandBlame It On The Blues158/54
Rose RecordsRRCD1031George Webb & John Petters’ Hot FiveAn evening with GW &JP190/61
Rose RecordsRRCD1032John Wurr & John Petters’ Hot FiveHeah me talkin’ (the music of Johnny Dodds)190/61
Roulette7243-8-28637-2-4Duke EllingtonBlue Note Chicago 9 August 1959164/41
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RounderCD 1701Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 1 Voices From The American South158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1702Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 2 Ballads And Breakdowns158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1703Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 3 Highway Mississippi158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1704Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 4 Brethern, we Meet Again158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1705Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 5 Bad Man Ballads158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1706Alan Lomax CollectionVol. 6 Sheep, Sheep, Dontcha Know The Road158/39, 159/44
RounderCD 1714Alan Lomax CollectionMurderous Home159/46
RounderCD 1714/1715The Alan Lomax Collection160/43
RounderCD 1715Alan Lomax CollectionDon’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?159/46
RounderCD 7018Alan Lomax CollectionFred McDowell159/46
Royal Oak5001Thank You Bix183/19
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SackvilleSKCD 2-2023Ralph Sutton and Bob BarnardPartners in Crime136/57
SackvilleSKCD 3003Herb HallOld Tyme Modern140/52
SackvilleSKCD2 2028Buck ClaytonBaden – Switzerland 1966142/44
SackvilleSKCD-2040Ralph Sutton151/51
SackvilleSKCD2-2029Doc Cheatham & Sammy PriceYou’re A Sweetheart149/47
SackvilleSKCD2-2036Ralph SuttonMore Solo At Café Des Copians149/52
SackvilleSKCD2-2042Barbara Sutton CurtisOld Fashioned Love159/65
SackvilleSKCD2-2044Ralph SuttonSunday Session153/41
SackvilleSKCD2-2045Albert Nicholas w Hnery Chaix Trio156/52
SackvilleSKCD2-3055Candian All StarsEuropean Concert146/50
SackvilleSKCD2-3062Ralph SuttonPocketful Of Dreams161/58
SagaSCD 6902Duke Ellington & his OrchestraHis most important 2nd. World War Concert137/42
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Saja791042-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 1 – 5145/41
Saja791230-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 6 – 10145/41
Saja791231-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 6 – 10145/41
Saja791232-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 6 – 10145/41
Saja791233-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 6 – 10145/41
Saja791234-2Duke EllingtonThe Stockpile 6 – 10145/41
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Senators RecordsS-01Steve Lacy10 Dukes + 6 Originals179/76
SequelNEX CD 119Big Bill BroonzyLonden 1955136/60
SequelNEX CD 121Work SongsVerzameld door Alan Lomax136/60
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SftjfCd110Bob HelmWith The Eldorado Jazz Band 1955186/79
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Smithsonian FolkwaysSFCD 40102Woody GuthrieHard Travelin’165/65
Smithsonian FolkwaysSFCD 40103Woody GuthrieBuffalo Skinners165/65
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Sonor Sound8005Funky ButtThe Glove186/78
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Soundwings115.3124-2Kenny Baker etc.Louis Armstrong’s repertory145/54
Soundwings115.3125-2Kenny Baker etc.Louis Armstrong’s repertory145/54
Soundwings115.3126-2Kenny Baker etc.Louis Armstrong’s repertory145/54
Soundwings115.3127-2Kenny Baker etc.Louis Armstrong’s repertory145/54
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SouthlandSCD-1001Annie Pavageau & the Morning Star Choir152/32
SouthlandSCD-21Downhome Blues Festival
SouthlandSCD-29Eddie Cleanhead Vinsonw Ted Easton’s Jazz Band143/45
SouthlandSCD-30Montana Taylor & Chippie Hill148/27
SPASMP 850054Rosenberg Trio, Fapy lafertin, a.o.The Night Of The Gipsies149/30
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Stable Roof RecordsDB 542Stable Roof Jazz BandGotta Travel On151/34
StatusDSTS 1008Duke EllingtonLive At Monterey 1960159/29
StatusDSTS 1009Cannonball Adderley, Duke Ellington159/29
Stomp Off1405Barbara Rosene and her New YorksMoon Song192/66
Stomp Off1406Yerba Buena StompersSan Francisco Blues192/66
Stomp Off1407Le Rois du FoxtrotTNT-A Tribute to Elmer Schoebel192/66
Stomp OffCD 1003Peruna JazzmenCome On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp150/41
Stomp OffCD 1027South Frisco Jazz BandLive From McGoon 1981150/41
Stomp OffCD 1035South Frisco Jazz BandThese Cats Are Diggin’ Us158/38
Stomp OffCD 1055Repertory Jazz EnsembleUptown Jazz145/46
Stomp OffCD 1056J. Gauthé a h Creole Erice Yerba Buena Jazz BandCreole Jazz145/46
Stomp OffCD 1058Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz BandThe Smiler145/47
Stomp OffCD 1060Vince Giordano’s NighthawksQuality Street145/47
Stomp OffCD 1061Jazz ClassicsYonder Comes The Blues140/38
Stomp OffCD 1062Back Bay Ramblers145/47
Stomp OffCD 1109Jimmy Mazzy & Eli NewburgerShake It Down158/38
Stomp OffCD 1143South Frisco Jazz BandSage Hen Strut148/38
Stomp OffCD 1206Albion Jazz BandOne for the Guv’nor132/35
Stomp OffCD 1216Jaques Gauthé, Alain Marquet Clarinet SerenadersParis Blues136/50
Stomp OffCD 1220Rent Party RevellersShe was just a Sailor’s Sweetheart136/50
Stomp OffCD 1221Steve Pistorius and the Mahogany Hall StompersKiss Me Sweet136/50
Stomp OffCD 1222The Trevor Richards New Orleans Trio134/39
Stomp OffCD 1225The Orphan NewsboysLaughin’ at Life136/51
Stomp OffCD 1227John Gill’s Novelty Orchestra of New OrleansSmile, Darn Ya, Smile136/51
Stomp OffCD 1229Alain Marquet-Bent Persson Melody Boysw Neville Dickie140/38
Stomp OffCD 1230Steve Waddell’s Creole BellsEgyptian Ella136/51
Stomp OffCD 1232Bob Pelland & Bob PilsburyWhen I Leave The World Behind140/39
Stomp OffCD 1233Original Salty Dogs Jazz BandJoy, Joy, Joy142/40
Stomp OffCD 1235Chris Tyle’s New Orleans Rover BoysA Tribute To Benny Strickler140/39
Stomp OffCD 1237Keith Ingham & Marty GroszDonaldson Redux142/40
Stomp OffCD 1238Humphrey Lyttelton-Wally FawkesRent party142/40
Stomp OffCD 1240Suth Frisco Jazz BandGot Everything140/39
Stomp OffCD 1241Down Home Jazz Band w Bob helmDawn Club Joys142/40
Stomp OffCD 1242Keith Nichols Cotton Club GangI Like To Do things For You142/40
Stomp OffCD 1243Baker-Baldwin Radiogram WashboardsOzark blues144/35
Stomp OffCD 1244The New Jazz WizzardsGood Stuff, Hot And Ready142/40
Stomp OffCD 1245Frisco SyncopatorsFirehouse Stomp142/40
Stomp OffCD 1246University Of Wisconsin “Eau Clair Band”Our favorite Rag142/40
Stomp OffCD 1247Paramount Jazz Band Of Boston… And They Called It Dixieland144/35
Stomp OffCD 1248Wally Fawkes w Zentih StompersFidgety Feet144/35
Stomp OffCD 1249Albion Jazz BandThey’re All Nice Tunse142/40
Stomp OffCD 1250Don Neely’s Royal Society SerenadersDon’t Bring Lulu142/40
Stomp OffCD 1251Bruno’s Salon Jazz BandLucky Day142/40
Stomp OffCD 1252Matthew DavidsonSpace Shuffe And Other Futuristic Rags144/36
Stomp OffCD 1253Rosy McHargue And FriendsOh, How He Can Sing144/36
Stomp OffCD 1254JimCullum Jazz BandShooitin’The Agate, music by Jelly Roll Morton144/36
Stomp OffCD 1255West Jesmond Rhythm KingsTake A Good Look At Mine144/36
Stomp OffCD 1259Alain Marquet & Reinier van EssenClarinet Joys144/36
Stomp OffCD 1259John Gill’s Dixieland SerenadersLooking For A Little Bluebird154/45
Stomp OffCD 1261Paris WashboardWaiting For The Sunrise144/36
Stomp OffCD 1263James Dapogny’s ChicagoansThe Way We Feel Today144/36
Stomp OffCD 1264Down Home FiveStrut Miss Lizzie146/40
Stomp OffCD 1265Bob Pilsbury w FriendsThe Music Of Irving Berlin Vol.3146/40
Stomp OffCD 1266C.W. Jacobi’s Bottomland OrchestraA Tribute To clarence Williams146/40
Stomp OffCD 1267St. Louis RagtimersFull Steam Ahead And Loaded Up144/36
Stomp OffCD 1268Grand Dominion Jazz BandDsan Jacinto Stomp144/37
Stomp OffCD 1269Neville DickieThe Piano Has It148/38
Stomp OffCD 1270John Gill’s Novelty Orchestra of New OrleansHeadin’ For Better Times146/40
Stomp OffCD 1271San Fransisco Starlight OrchestraDoin’ The Raccoon146/40
Stomp OffCD 1272Minstrels Of Annie StreetOriginal Tuxedo Rag146/41
Stomp OffCD 1274Tom BrierRising Star148/38
Stomp OffCD 1275Keith Nichols & The Cotton Club OrchHenderson Stomp148/39
Stomp OffCD 1276Ian Whitcomb & h Merry BandsWe’re Talking Ragtime146/41
Stomp OffCD 1277Castle Jazz BandWhen I’m Gonna Live150/41
Stomp OffCD 1278Ted Schafer’s Jelly Roll Jazz BandOriginal Jelly Roll Blues150/41
Stomp OffCD 1279Back Bay RamblersMy Mamma’s I Town148/38
Stomp OffCD 1280Paris WashboardCalifornia Here We Come148/39
Stomp OffCD 1281Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizzardsGolden Lily, the music of Tiny Parham150/42
Stomp OffCD 1282Trebor J. TichnorTempus Ragorum148/38
Stomp OffCD 1283Castle Jazz BandOld Bones150/41
Stomp OffCD 1284University Of Wisconsin “Eau Clair Symphony Band”Wake Up, America!148/38
Stomp OffCD 1285Keith Ingham & Marty GroszJust Imagine, the music of DeSylva Brown & Henderson150/42
Stomp OffCD 1286Elite SyncopatorsRagtime Special150/42
Stomp OffCD 1290Ted Des Plantes’ Washboard WizardsOhio River Blues154/45
Stomp OffCD 1298Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz BandSugar Blues154/45
Stomp OffCD 1300Down Home Jazz BandPaddle-Wheelin’ Along154/45
Stomp OffCD 1301Steve Waddell’s Creole BellsAlong The Road154/46
Stomp OffCD 1311Chris Tyle’s Silver Leaf Jazz BandHere Comes The Hot Tamale Man160/46
Stomp OffCD 1315Bob Schulz’ Frisco Jazz BandTravelin’ Shoes160/47
Stomp OffCD 1316Down Home Jazz BandDancing The Jelly Roll162/48
Stomp OffCD 1317David Thomas RobertsFolk Ragtime 1899-1914162/48
Stomp OffCD 1318Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizzardsPlay The Music Of Jelly Roll Morton Vol. 1162/48
Stomp OffCD 1319M’N’M TrioHalfway To Heaven158/38
Stomp OffCD 1320Keith Nichols & h Cotton Club Orch.Harlem’s Arabian Nights162/48
Stomp OffCD 1321John Gill’s Dixie Serenaders164/46
Stomp OffCD 1322Alex HassanPhantom Fingers160/47
Stomp OffCD 1323Hot CosmopolitesGoing Hollywood162/49
Stomp OffCD 1324Neville DickieStomp Off158/38
Stomp OffCD 1325Ted Des Plantes’ Washboard WizardsShin-Sham-Shimmy Dance164/46
Stomp OffCD 1326Paris WashboardLove For Sale160/47
Stomp OffCD 1327Michael Lande’s Rhythm Club Orch.Black And Blue Rhythm162/49
Stomp OffCD 1328Tony CaramiaZebra Stripes164/47
Stomp OffCD 1329Paul and his GangTake Your Tomorrow160/47
Stomp OffCD 1330Grand Dominion Jazz BandSmiles162/49
Stomp OffCD 1331Bob Helm & Miss Carol Leigh’s Blues & Jazz ReviewAct 1166/55
Stomp OffCD 1332Bob Helm & Miss Carol Leigh’s Blues & Jazz ReviewAct 2166/55
Stomp OffCD 1333Frederic HodgesTurn On The Heat164/47
Stomp OffCD 1334San Fransisco Starlight OrchestraRose Colored Glasses166/55
Stomp OffCD 1335Pam Pameyer’s New Jazz Wizardsplay music of Jelly Roll Morton164/46
Stomp OffCD 1336Claus W. Jacobi’s Bottomland OrchTribute To clarence Williams Vol. 2162/49
Stomp OffCD 1337Grand Dominion Jazz BandDaddy’s Little Girl164/46
Stomp OffCD 1338Paris WashboardOne More Time164/47
Stomp OffCD 1339Terry Waldo & Bo GrumpusKinky And Sweet164/47
Stomp OffCD 134Frank French & Scott KirbyBucktown In The 90’s. Piano duets154/46
Stomp OffCD 1340Paramount Jazz Band Of BostonMarch Of The Hoodlums166/55
Stomp OffCD 1341Neville DickieDon’t Forget To Mess Around168/56
Stomp OffCD 1342South Frisco Jazz BandEmperor Norton’s Hunch170/51
Stomp OffCD 1343Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. MorelFarewell Blues166/56
Stomp OffCD 1344Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. MorelDelta Bound168/56
Stomp OffCD 1345Tom RobertsRoberts Plays Roberts170/52
Stomp OffCD 1346Black Eagle Jazz BandOld Fashioned Swing168/56
Stomp OffCD 1347Paris WashboardCaravan168/56
Stomp OffCD 1348Steve Waddel’s Creole BellsWaltzing Mathilda168/57
Stomp OffCD 1349Bob Schulz’ Frisco Jazz BandRemembering Clancy170/52
Stomp OffCD 1350Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizzardsThe Music of Louis Armstrong Hot 5 & 7 Vol. 1170/52
Stomp OffCD 1351Imperial SerenadersMusic Of The Bolden Era170/52
Stomp OffCD 1352Eli Newberger, Jimmy Mazzy & Butch ThompsonThe Men They Will Become168/57
Stomp OffCD 1353Tom Pletcher & The Classic Jazz BandI’m Glad170/52
Stomp OffCD 1354Milano Hot Jazz OrchestraStomp Miss Hannah170/53
Stomp OffCD 1355Back Bay RamblersCuttin’ Up172/54
Stomp OffCD 1356Black Eagle Jazz BandHear Me Talkin’ To Ya170/53
Stomp OffCD 1357Ted Des Plantes’ Washboard WizardsRailroad man174/57
Stomp OffCD 1358Elite SyncopatorsAmerican Sampler Rag172/54
Stomp OffCD 1359Paris WashboardWild Cat Blues172/54
Stomp OffCD 1360Red Rose Ragtime BandChicago Buzz174/57
Stomp OffCD 1361Dan Levinson’s Roof Garden Jazz BandBlue Roses Of Far And Near174/58
Stomp OffCD 1362Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. MorelAu Petit Journal Saint Michel174/58
Stomp OffCD 1363Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizardsThe music of Louis Armstrong Vol. 2174/58
Stomp OffCD 1364San Fransisco Starlight OrchestraSunny Side Up176/60
Stomp OffCD 1365Lake Arrowlead Early Jazz BandThe Cakewalk174/58
Stomp OffCD 1366Neville DickieOriginal Music Of Clarence Williams178/60
Stomp OffCD 1367Duke Heitger’s Big FourPrince Of Wails176/60
Stomp OffCD 1368Brabara Rose W. Vince Giordano’s NighthawksDeep Night178/60
Stomp OffCD 1369Yerba Buena StompersDawn Club Favorites178/60
Stomp OffCD 1370Miss Lulu White’s Red Hot Creole Jazz BandW Guests Alain Marquet & Daniel Huck178/60
Stomp OffCD 1371Independence Hall Jazz BandChicago Rhythm176/60
Stomp OffCD 1372Aces Of SyncopationIn The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree176/61
Stomp OffCD 1373Blue Rhythm MakersToogaloo Stomp180/64
Stomp OffCD 1375Yerba Buena StompersBarbary Coast Favorites180/64
Stomp OffCD 1376Charleston ChasersSmilin’ Skies180/64
Stomp OffCD 1377Terry Waldo’s EntertainersVol. 1 Let It Shine184/59
Stomp OffCD 1378Grand Dominion Jazz Band1982-2002 Vol. 1182/62
Stomp OffCD 1379Grand Dominion Jazz Band1982-2002 Vol. 2182/62
Stomp OffCD 1380Dan Levinson’s Roof Garden Jass BandEchoesin The Wax184/59
Stomp OffCD 1381Yerba Buena StompersNew Orleans Favorites182/62
Stomp OffCD 1382Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizzardsRemember Johnny Dodds Vol. 1182/62
Stomp OffCD 1383Evergreen Ragtime Trio With Pete DivineIt’s A Rouser182/62
Stomp OffCD 1384Independence Hall Jazz BandLouis: The Oliver Years182/63
Stomp OffCD 1385New Century Ragtime OrchestraHello Ma Baby182/63
Stomp OffCD 1386Independence Hall Jazz BandFavorites186/68
Stomp OffCD 1387Keith Nichols & Blue DevilsKansasa City Breakdown184/60
Stomp OffCD 1388Bo GrumpusPlays String Band Classics184/61
Stomp OffCD 1389Le Petit Jazzband (Ancien Maison Morel)Café Capers184/60
Stomp OffCD 1390Andy Stein Blue FiveDoin’ Things Like Joe Venuti184/60
Stomp OffCD 1391Paris Washboard15 Years Fresh184/60
Stomp OffCD 1392Tom RobertsIn The Lion’s Den184/60
Stomp OffCD 1393Barbara Rosen & Her New YorkersEverything’s Made For Love184/61
Stomp OffCD 1394Chalumeau SerenadersPercolatin’blues186/68
Stomp OffCD 1395Pam Pameijer’s New Jazz WizzardsRemember Johnny Dodds Vol. 2188/56
Stomp OffCD 1396High Society Jazz BandMad188/56
Stomp OffCD 1397Neville DickieNever Heard Of Such Stuff184/61
Stomp OffCD 1398Louisiana Washboard FiveFeat. Keith Nichols & Matthias Seuffert188/57
Stomp OffCD 1399Red Rose Ragtime BandHorse Feathers188/57
Stomp OffCD 1400Dan Levinson & his Canary Cottage Dance Orch.Crinoline Days. Featuring The Blue Amberol Quartette190/59
Stomp OffCD 1401John Gill’s Jazz KingsI Must Have It188/57
Stomp OffCD 1402Manhattan Ragtime OrchestraEuphonic Sounds188/57
Stomp OffCD 1403Le Petit JazzbandBaby188/57
Stomp OffCD 1404Paul Asaro & Neville DickieJust You, Just Me190/59
Stomp OffCD-1197Brass Band Music From New OrleansMarching, Ragging And Moaning157/45
Stomp OffCD1234Keith Nichols Cotton Club Orchestraw Claus Jacobi & Bent Persson140/39
Stomp OffCD-1288Bob Schulz’ Frisco Jazz BandThanks Turk152/37
Stomp OffCD-1289Louis Mazetier & Neville DickieIf Dreams Come True152/37
Stomp OffCD-129Elliot AdamsThat Demon Rag156/45
Stomp OffCD-1291Grand Dominion Jazz BandThe Spiritual Album152/37
Stomp OffCD-1296San Fransisco Starlight OrchestraCheerful Little Earful157/44
Stomp OffCD-1297Los Angeles Pierce College Symphonic WindsRagging The Baby To Sleep152/37
Stomp OffCD-1302Neville Dickie & Louis MazetierHarlem Strut156/45
Stomp OffCD-1303Black Eagle Jazz BandWhen Your Hair Has Turned To Silver156/45
Stomp OffCD-1304John Gill’s Dixieland SerenadersTake Me To The Midnight Cakewalk Ball156/46
Stomp OffCD-1305Brahmin BellhopsWho’s She Jazzin’ Now?156/46
Stomp OffCD-1307South Frisco Jazz BandBig Bear Stomp156/46
Stomp OffCD-1309Neville DickieOh, Play That Thing!156/45
Stomp OffCD-1310Bob Helm’s Jazz BandHotter Than That157/44
Stomp OffCD-1312Bob Oliver’s Hot SevenT Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness157/44
Stomp OffCD-1313Tony CaramiaNimble Fingered Gentleman156/45
Stomp OffCD-1314Charlestown ChasersSteaming South157/44
Stomp OffCD-3989Grand Dominion Jazz BandHalf And Half156/45
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1226The Dry Throat FellowsDo Something137/45
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1231Ted Des Plantes’ Washboard WizardsMidnight Stomp137/45
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1287Charleston ChasersPleasure Mad151/41
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1292Glenn Jenks & Dan GrinsteadRagtime151/41
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1293Paris Washboardw Peter Ecklund & Gerard Gervois151/42
Stomp OffS.O.S. 1294Kustbandet w Carol LeighOn Revival Day151/42
Stomp OffSOS 1201Waldo’s Gotham City BandFootlight Varieties134/40
Stomp OffSOS 1208Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz SerenadersAin’t that a grand and glorious feeling134/40
Stomp OffSOS 1211The Frisco SyncopetersSan Francisco Bound134/41
Stomp OffSOS 1212Bob Pilsbury & Bob PellandIrving Berlin – Always134/41
Stomp OffSOS 1214Marty Grosz & Keith Ingham and their Paswonsky SerenadersUnsaturated Fats134/41
Stomp OffSOS 1223The New Orleans Classic Jazz OrchestraBlowing off steam134/41
Stomp OffSOS 1224Black Eagle Jazz BandJersey Lightning134/41
Stony PlainSPCD 1211Jimmy WitherspoonSpoon’s Blues157/41
Story BluesCD-3535-2Lucille Bogan1923-1935140/35
Storyville5011003The Jubilee ShowsNo 207 & 214184/72
Storyville5011005The Jubilee ShowsNo 68 & 71185/74
Storyville101 4247Fessor’s Big City BandKobophelo178/62
Storyville101 4252Svend AsmussnStill Fiddling178/72
Storyville101 4257Svend AsmussnFit as a Fiddle191/74
Storyville101 6064Funky New Orleans173/56
Storyville101 6065Wild Bill DavisonWith Eddie Condon’s All Stars186/76
Storyville101 8328Stuff Smith w Henri Chaix TrioLate Woman Blues176/74
Storyville101 8329Bill DillardWith Michael Böving’s Rhythmakers177/68
Storyville101 8331Art Tatum Live193401944180/75
Storyville101 8333Art Tatum LiveVol. 3 (1945-1949)184/73
Storyville101 8336Art Tatum LiveVol 6 1951-1953187/73
Storyville101 8337Art Tatum LiveVol. 7188/62
Storyville101 8340Stan Kenton& Danish Radio Big Band181/65
Storyville101 8344Bobby Hackett QuartetButterfly Airs183/78
Storyville101 8346Stephane Grappelli & The Diz Disley TrioLive At Corby Festival Hall184/73
Storyville101 8346Duke EllingtonAt The Hollywood Empire187/51
Storyville101 8357Illinois Jacquet QuartetLive At Schaffhausen184/79
Storyville101 8358Clark Terry And Ernie WilkinsLive At Monmartre 1975183/77
Storyville101 8359Duke EllingtonAt The Hurricane183/50
Storyville101 8361The Jubilee ShowsNo 26 & 32188/70
Storyville101 8361Ben WebsterAt Stampen, Stockholm191/67
Storyville101 8367Zoot SimsLive At E.J.’S184/79
Storyville101 8372Thad JonesEclipse186/78
Storyville101 8376Donald Lambert1959-1961184/74
Storyville101 8379Don Ewell with Barbara DaneDenver Concert191/67
Storyville101 8381Jesper Thilo-Finn Otto Hansen SextetInsipid Hothouse Melons + Street Urchins191/79
Storyville101 8388Sir Roland HannaSolo Piano192/70
Storyville101 8390Duke EllingtonThe Jaywalker189/47
Storyville101 8397Stuff Smith QuartetSwingin’ Stuff191/66
Storyville101 8398Billie HolidayThe Sensitive 1940-1949188/64
Storyville101 8399Duke EllingtonThe Piano Player191/77
Storyville101 8404Billy StrayhornPiano Passion192/75
Storyville101.8338Art TatumVol.8. Live 1955-1956190/64
Storyville1018364Teddy Wilson TrioRevisits The Goodman Years189/67
Storyville1018369Rolf BillbergRare Danish Recordings by a Swdish Jazz Legend190/68
Storyville1018396Stuff Smith QuartetHot Stuff189/67
Storyville102 5535Fessor’s Big City BandSwing Sessions178/62
Storyville102 5536Harry “Sweets”Edison, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Richard Boonew. Leonardo Pedersen’s Jazzkapel171/68
Storyville102 5537Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band & LillerJazz Party178/66
Storyville102 5539Leonardo Pedersen’s Jazz Kapel1976-1977180/80
Storyville103 8360Willie The Lion SmithLive188/74
Storyville107 5540Fessor’s Big City BandIndian Summer180/67
Storyville109 1002Storyville 50th Anniversary181/72
Storyville501 0001Jubilee ShowsNo. 96 & 171174/70
Storyville501 1004The Jubilee ShowsNo 77 & 78 (Vol. 4)180/76
Storyville501 1006The Jubilee ShowsNo 19 & 20 (Vol. 6)180/78
Storyville501 1007The Jubilee ShowsNo 21 & 22 (Vol. 7)180/78
Storyville522 5538Fessor’s Big City BandTime Out For Blues186/77
StoryvilleSTCD 5525Wild Bill Davison w Fesor’s Big City Band160/60
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StoryvilleSTCD 6058Jimmy Archey’s BandDr. Jazz 1951-1952 Vol. 13159/57
StoryvilleSTCD 8025Boogie Woogie TrioAmmons/Johnson/Lewis159/46
StoryvilleSTCD 8027Roosevelt Sykes159/46
StoryvilleSTCD 8229Vic Dickenson’s Quintet“Ding Dong160/61
StoryvilleSTCD 8233Wild Bill DavisonBut Beautiful159/60
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StoryvilleSTCD 8258Teddy WilsonKeystone Transcriptions ca. 1939-1940159/59
StoryvilleSTCD 8280Ralph Sutton QuartetVol. 1 feat. Bob Wilber live159/61
StoryvilleSTCD1012 4250Danish Radio Jazz OrchestraSalute To Louis Armstrong The Power And The Glory176/70
StoryvilleSTCD103 8341Duke EllingtonCarnegie Hall 11 Dec. 1944177/35
StoryvilleSTCD4235Fessor’s Big City Band166/48
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StoryvilleSTCD5504Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band& Graham Stewart And His New Orleans Band177/58
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StoryvilleSTCD5507Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 2169/56
StoryvilleSTCD5508Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 3171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5509Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 4172/71
StoryvilleSTCD5510Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 5169/56
StoryvilleSTCD5511Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 6169/56
StoryvilleSTCD5512Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 7171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5513Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 8169/56
StoryvilleSTCD5514Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 9171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5515Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 10171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5516Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 11172/71
StoryvilleSTCD5517Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 12171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5518Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 13169/56
StoryvilleSTCD5519Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 14171/61
StoryvilleSTCD5520Golden Years Of Revival JazzVol. 15172/71
StoryvilleSTCD5523Wild Bill Davisonw. Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band155/48
StoryvilleSTCD5526Wild Bill Davison & Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band165/62
StoryvilleSTCD5529Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandOdense Concert 1963171/69
StoryvilleSTCD5530Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandLive In Dresden 1971174/65
StoryvilleSTCD5531Chris Barber BandGetting Around169/58
StoryvilleSTCD5532Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandLive At Mosebacke, Stockholm172/67
StoryvilleSTCD5533Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandThe Hit Singles 1958-1969172/71
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StoryvilleSTCD6025George Lewis a.t. Club Hangover159/48
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StoryvilleSTCD6028Kid Thomas & Louis NelsonIn Denmark Vol. 3166/53
StoryvilleSTCD6029Kid Thomas & Louis NelsonIn Denmark Vol. 4169/54
StoryvilleSTCD6034George Lewis & h New Orleans Stompers163/53
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StoryvilleSTCD6037Earl Hines/Muggsy Spanier All StarsChicago Dates162/59
StoryvilleSTCD6052Edmond Hall w Ralph Sutton GroupLive At Club Hangover161/59
StoryvilleSTCD6053Fessor’s Funky New Orleanians164/59
StoryvilleSTCD6053Fessor’s Funky New Orleanians166/48
StoryvilleSTCD6054Kid ory, Papa Celestin, Paul Barbarin, W DeParisNew Orleans Styles165/52
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StoryvilleSTCD6060George Wettling’s Stuyvesant StompersDr. Jazz Vol. 15174/73
StoryvilleSTCD8010Duke EllingtonThe Duke In Washington170/35
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StoryvilleSTCD8044Ch. Jack Dupree, Sunny;and Slim, etc.Barrelhouse, Blues & Boogie164/44
StoryvilleSTCD8045Ch. Jack Dupree, Sunny;and Slim, etc.Barrelhouse, Blues & Boogie165/49
StoryvilleSTCD8205Continental SessionsVol. 1177/69
StoryvilleSTCD8206Continental SessionsVol. 2177/70
StoryvilleSTCD8217Wax Label Sessions178/68
StoryvilleSTCD8232Louis Armstrong & His All-StarsLive At Hollywood Empire 1949173/63
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StoryvilleSTCD8238Zoot Sims & Bucky PizzarelliElegiac173/60
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StoryvilleSTCD8253Art TatumComplete Jazz Chronicle Solo Session170/66
StoryvilleSTCD8281Ralph Sutton Quartetfeat. Bob Wilber165/64
StoryvilleSTCD8285Mary Lou Williams1979 Chicago163/66
StoryvilleSTCD8287Jimmy Rowles161/62
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StoryvilleSTCD8305Ralph Sutton Quartet feat. Bob WilderVol. 3176/68
StoryvilleSTCD8307Teddy Wilson Trio170/68
StoryvilleSTCD8308Don Byas Quartetfeat. Sir Charles Thompson172/69
StoryvilleSTCD8312Ralph Suttonfeat. Ruby Braff172/71
StoryvilleSTCD8316/8317Duke EllingtonFargo Concert 1940174/43
StoryvilleSTCD8320Ben WebsterPlays Duke Ellington178/73
StoryvilleSTCD8322Clark Terry and his Orchestarfaet. Paul Gonsalves175/73
StoryvilleSTCD8323Duke EllingtonTonga Brava Suite etc.175/49
StoryvilleSTCD8324Duke EllingtonIn Munich183/51
StoryvilleSTCD8325Ralph SuttonQuartet Feat. Bob Wilber181/70
StoryvilleSTCD8326Grover Mitchell Big Band187/65
StoryvilleSTCD8356Dexter GordonJazz At Highschool180/74
String Jazz Recordings1010Fapy Lafertin QuintetStar Eyes172/75
SuisaJZCD 305Billie Holiday1935-1938134/49
SuisaJZCD 306Billie Holiday1939-1952134/49
SuisaJZCD 307Billie Holiday1952-1958134/49
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Swing Time2003Art Landry174/57
Swing Time2007Sylvester Ahola174/57
Swingmaster2202Henry Townsend159/46
Takoma1001Bukka White163/51
Takoma1011Robert Pete WilliamsLouisiana Blues163/51
TaxS-6-2Cout BasieThe alternative Lester 1936-39140/58
TestamentTCD6007Mississippi Fred McDowell163/51
TestamentTCD6008Sleepy John EstesGoin’ To Brownsville163/51
TestamentTCD6010Big Joe WilliamsCountry Blues163/51
Theater InstituutFAV 1-95195Lou Bandy155/51
Tim222244-215Peter “Banjo” MeyerJazz Celebration185/66
Timeless CBC 1-001Sharkey Bonano136/56
Timeless CD TTD 587Revival Jass BandJass, I Like It147/53
TimelessCBC 1-001Original Dixielandf Jazz Band1917-1921140/48
TimelessCBC 1-001Sharkey Bonano1928-1937142/47
TimelessCBC 1-002Tempo King136/56
TimelessCBC 1-003Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong136/57
TimelessCBC 1-004Bing Crosby136/57
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TimelessCBC 1-015Johnny Dodds & Jimmy Blythe1926-1928148/46
TimelessCBC 1-016Teddy Grace144/45
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TimelessCBC 1-019Red McKenzie1935-1937149/48
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TimelessCBC 1-025Charlie Shavers & The Blues Singers151/52
TimelessCBC 1-026Monette Moore, Alberta Hunter, a.o.The 30s Girls151/54
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TimelessCBC 1-029Cotton Pickers1922-1925162/53
TimelessCBC 1-030Big Charlie Thomas1925-1927154/53
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TimelessCBC 1-034Jazz In California1923-1930158/47
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TimelessCBC 1-038Jazz From Atlanta158/51
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TimelessCBC 1-042Goofus Five1926-1927178/67
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TimelessCBC 1-044George Chisholm161/55
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TimelessCBC 1-054Alex HillVol. 2163/59
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TimelessCBC 1-056 & 1-057Clarence Williams & His Orchestra1933 – 1937173/72
TimelessCBC 1-058Bernie Cummins and his Orchestra1924-1930170/67
TimelessCBC 1-059Abe Lyman and his California OrchestraHot Recordings By A Westcoast Band176/72
TimelessCBC 1-060Vic Meyers and Vick Myers1923-1929 and 1925-1926170/69
TimelessCBC 1-061Jazz In California (1924-1926)Fred Elizalde & Hollywood/Sunset Bands170/68
TimelessCBC 1-062Varsity Eight1923-1926171/63
TimelessCBC 1-063Those Fabulous GennettsVol. 1 (1923-1925)172/62
TimelessCBC 1-064Fletcher HendersonHarmony & Vocalion Sessions Vol.1 ’25-’26171/62
TimelessCBC 1-065Benny Goodman1931-1935172/64
TimelessCBC 1-066Ray MillerBrunswick Recording Orchestra172/61
TimelessCBC 1-067Isham Jones and his Orchestra1922-1926172/63
TimelessCBC 1-068Tight Women and Loose BandsClassic Female Blues Singers173/75
TimelessCBC 1-069Fletcher HendersonHarmony & Vocalion Sessions Vol.2 ’27-’28173/71
TimelessCBC 1-070From Ragtime To JazzVol. 3174/67
TimelessCBC 1-071Early Chicago JazzVol. 1 (1923-1928)177/62
TimelessCBC 1-072Victor Hot Dance Bands 1925-1927Up And At ‘Em186/73
TimelessCBC 1-073Perry BradfordA.Panorama 1923-1927190/78
TimelessCBC 1-074Ted Lewis & His Band1929-1930184/68
TimelessCBC 1-076Early Chicago JazzVol. 2 (1923-1928)178/68
TimelessCBC 1-077Ladd’s Black AcesThe Complete 192101924181/67
TimelessCBC 1-078Jazz On America’s West Coast1924-1930183/67
TimelessCBC 1-079Herb Wiedoeft / Jesse Stafford Orch1922-1930181/74
TimelessCBC 1-080Those Fabulous GennettsVol. 2173/64
TimelessCBC 1-081Charleston Chasers Vol.2& New York Studio Groups175/68
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TimelessCBC 1-086Americans In HollandThe Great Thirties187/33,65
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TimelessCD TDD 574The Riverboat Jazz Band35th Aniversary137/47, 138/46
TimelessCD TTD 577Storyville JassbandTrda Tavern140/50
TimelessCD TTD 578Stable Roof Jazz BandFrom New Orleans To Amsterdam141/46
TimelessCD TTD 579Spiegle WilcoxVintage ’89141/49
TimelessCD TTD 589Chris Barber40 years Jubilee150/45
TimelessCD TTD 596Paramount Jazz Band150/51
TimelessCD TTD 601Loverfield Jazz BandSwissmade In Holland151/48
TimelessCD TTD 607Huub Janssen & h Amazing Jazz Band155/48
TimelessCD TTD 608Savoy JazzmenFrom Eindhoven With Love157/53
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TimelessCDC 1-032Boyd SenterJazzologist Supreme 1928-1930154/51
TimelessCDJSP 457Quintet Fapy Lafertin& Tom Kliphuis176/42
TimelessCDTTD 595Uralsky All StarsWe’ll Meet Again151/47
TimelessCDTTD 597Uralsky All StarsRussian Roulette151/47
TimelessCDTTD 657The Stable Roof Jazz BandGreatest Hits190/71
TimelessCDTTD 658Dutch Swing College Band 60 YearsThe Swing Code. Met K. Ball, A. Bilk, Papa Bue, C.Barber190/33,71
TimelessCDTTD524Rod Mason’s Hot Fivew. Chris Barber145/52
TimelessCDTTD550/551Rod Mason’s Hot Five & Savannah Orch145/52
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TimelessCDTTD563Rod Mason’s Hot Fivew. Angela Brown145/53
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TimelessCDTTD612Chris Barber & Doctor JohnDown On The Bayou165/65
TimelessCDTTD632Flat Foot Stompers and Friends175/67
TimelessCDTTD634Dutch Swing College BandBack To The Roots169/60
TimelessCDTTD635Andy Cooper’s Euro Top 8From The Top172/58
TimelessCDTTD638New Orleans HeartbreakersMeet “Big Al”Carson172/73
TimelessCDTTD639Down Town Jazz BandFifty Years / Who Cares For Abraham172/73
TimelessCDTTD642Huub Jansen and his Amazing JazzbandHuub Janssen 50th Anivversary CD1175/67
TimelessCDTTD643Huub Jansen and his Amazing JazzbandHuub Janssen 50 Years In Music175/67
TimelessCDTTD645Dutch Swing College BandLive On Stage175/72
TimelessCDTTD646Stable Roof Jazz BandRamblin’ Around175/67
TimelessCDTTD647Midlife Revival Jazz BandBack From New Orleans178/59
TimelessCDTTD648Pete Allen Jazz BandHappy Jazz175/67
TimelessCDTTD649Storyville Jazz BandStoryville Jubilee178/73
TimelessCDTTD650The BIG Chris Barber BandThe First Eleven181/58
TimelessCDTTD651Royal Dutch Jazz BandFine ‘N Dandy179/64
TimelessCDTTD652Dutch Swing College BandThe Real Thing181/58
TimelessCDTTD653Thank You Bix(Zie Royal Oak182/67
TimelessCDTTD654Chris BarberJubilee Stomp184/65
TimelessCDTTD655Dutch Swing College BandWe Double Dare You185/76
TimelessCDTTD656Roefie HuetingBlues For Bessie188/72
TimelessTTD 563Rod Mason ’s Hot FiveFeaturing Angela Brown134/44
TimelessTTD 570Monty Sunshine Jazz BandGotta Travel On137/47
TimelessTTD 575Funnyhouse Jazz BandThat’s My Home139/40
TimelessTTD 576Dixie-O-NairesStrike Up The Band139/44
TimelessTTD581Terry Lightfoot’s Jazzmen144/16
TimelessTTD582Chris Barberw Zenith Stompers144/16
TimelessTTD599/600Chris Barber’s Jazz & Blues BandLive and Studio Recordings153/40
TimelessTTD604Storyville Jass BandMallorca153/39
TimelessTTD606Down Town Jazz BandDown Town Highlights153/38
TimelessTTD620Monty Sunshine Jazz Band162/61
TimelessTTD621Boba Jazz Band162/61
TimelessTTD622Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz BandNew Orleans Parade164/55
TimelessTTD624Storyville Jass BandWarming Up164/56
TimelessWWJ3002Chris BarberGreat Moments with …..161/58
TimelessWWJ3003Acker Bilk161/62
TimelessWWJ3004Kenny Ball161/62
TimelessWWJ3005Monty Sunshie161/62
TOF ProductionsTOF 04060Old Fashioners Traditional Jazz & BluesJump & Jazz!189/70
TOMmb102Ben SelvinVol. 1 1931-1932158/52
TOMmb105Bert Lown1928-1933158/52
TOMmb106Fred Hall’s Sugar Babies1927-1930158/52
TOMmb107Frank TrumbauerLegacy To American Jazz Vol. 1158/51
TOMmb108Frank TrumbauerLegacy To American Jazz Vol. 2158/51
TOMmb109Frank TrumbauerLegacy To American Jazz Vol. 3158/51
TOMmb119Jan GarberThe Hot Years 1925-1930165/58
Toppers Van ToenAHG 002Diverse Orkesten29 Toppers van toen153/46
Toppers Van ToenAHG 3Vol. 3154/55
TraditionTCD 1012Fred McDowellSteakbone Slide Guitar154/42
TraditionTCD 1013Brownie McGhee & Sonny TerryBlowin’ The Fuses154/42
TraditionTCD 1014Big Joe Williams & FriendsHave Mercy154/42
TraditionTCD 1029Meade Lux Lewis1956155/39
TrekpleisterunnumberedRosy O’Grady/Peattown JB/HarsenskrabbersBest Of Dixieland165/34
TrionPSCD 9803Barrelhouse Jazz BandLive163/62
Tros9901Sesjun Jubilee CDThe Blues Forever171/69
Universal549879-2Rhoda ScottLive At The Olympia184/78
Universal Music BvRosenberg TrioLive In Samois184/47
Unknown label??Americans in ParisVol.2 1931-1940134/48
Unknown labelC3K 47724Billy HolidayThe Legacy. 1933-1958  (3CD set)136/59
Unknown labelCD 53041Dixieland Giants Of JazzCondon, Wettling, Crosby, Hackett142/49
Unknown labelSJB 910324Storyville Jass Band / Sec. Line NO Jazz BandLive at Storyville136/48
Unknown labelSMS 47Cab Calloway1931-1934142/49
Unknown labelFoggy BottomHear, Hear !136/46
Unknown labelSwing Accordeon1926-1942136/58
Unknown labelSouth Jazz Band35 Years of Music138/29
Unknown labelZeppo’s Big BandA Thai Affair138/47
Unknown labelThe Beau HunksPlay the Original Laurel & Hardy Music Movies Select Video139/44
UpbeatURCD101Temperance SevenTeat For Eight164/61
UpbeatURCD103Temperance SevenNot Out164/61
UpbeatURCD108Temperance SevenThe Writing On The Wall164/61
UpbeatURCD111Ken Colyer’s JazzmenSerenading Auntie145/50
UpbeatURCD112Ken Colyer Trust Jazz BandPlay New Orleans jazz146/39
UpbeatURCD113Ken Colyer’s All StarsThe Sunny Side Of Ken Colyer147/46
UpbeatURCD114Ken Colyer’s JazzmenUp Jumped The Devil149/53
UpbeatURCD118Best Of British Jazzfrom the BBC Jazz Club Vol. 1151/48
UpbeatURCD119Humphrey Lyttelton, Sandy BrownBest Of British Jazz From BBC Jazz Club Vol. 2153/48
UpbeatURCD120Chris Barber, Temperenace Seven, Terry LightfootBest Of British Jazz From BBC Jazz Club Vol. 3153/49
UpbeatURCD125Monty Sunshien Jazz BandBest Of British Jazz From BBC Jazz Club157/51
UpbeatURCD127Best Of British JazzFrom BBC Jazzclub  Vol. 6158/53
UpbeatURCD130Ken ColyerVery, Veru Live at the 100 Club159/55
UpbeatURCD135Kenny Davern TrioLast Reunion161/62
UpbeatURCD137Ken Colyers All Star Jazz Band& Crane River Jazz Band161/62
UpbeatURCD138Kenny Davern & Humphrey LytteltonThis Old gang Of Ours162/56
UpbeatURCD146Chris Barber’s Jazz BandChris Barber at the BBC / Wireless Days 1961-1961164/55
UpbeatURCD152BBC Jazz From The 70s & 80sVol. 1168/59
UpbeatURCD153BBC Jazz From The 70s & 80sVol. 2168/59
UpbeatURCD153BBC Jazz From The 70s & 80sVol. 3169/55
UpbeatURCD154George Chisholm’s Gentlemen Of Jazz169/55
UpbeatURCD157Kenny Ball And The BBC 1957-1962The Airshots171/59
UpbeatURCD158Chris Barber At The BBCw special guest Joe Harriott, December 1963170/56
UpbeatURCD159Crane River Jazz BandStorming Session, Germany, may 1937170/56
UpbeatURCD161Ken Colyers JazzmenA Boston Concert June 1972171/59
UpbeatURCD165Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen & Skiffle GroupCaptured Moments173/58
UpbeatURCD166Chris Barber / Kenny Ball / Acker BilkAt The Jazz Band Ball173/59
UpbeatURCD167Ken Colyer’s JazzmenIn The Sweet Bye And Bye176/63
UpbeatURCD168Humphrey Lyttelton & His BandIt Seems Like Yesterdays!173/59
UpbeatURCD170Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen And Skiffle GroupSomewhere Over The Rainbow176/63
UpbeatURCD172The Best Of British JazzFrom The BBC Jazz Club Vol. 8177/57
UpbeatURCD173Ken Colyer’s JazzmenSerenading Auntie176/63
UpbeatURCD174Humphrey Lyttelton Big Bandw Jimmy Rushing176/63
UpbeatURCD175Alex Welsh BandOh, Baby!176/63
UpbeatURCD176Papa Mutt CareyA Portrait Of A New Orleans Master177/54
UpbeatURCD177Chris Barber At The BBCMore Wireless Days 1961/1963 Vol. 2177/57
UpbeatURCD178Pete Allen Jazz BandRunning Wild178/65
UpbeatURCD180Ken Colyer’s JazzmenChristmas With Colyer179/63
UpbeatURCD181Sonny Morris & FriendsIn Germany W Lutz Eikelmann180/69
UpbeatURCD182Humph, Bruce & SandySwing At BBC178/65
UpbeatURCD183Best Of British JazzFrom BBC Jazzclub  Vol. 9179/63
UpbeatURCD184Monty Sunshine Jazz BandFull Mony Sunshine180/69
UpbeatURCD185Temperance SevenThose BBC Years179/63
UpbeatURCD186Jimmy RushingWith Humphrey Lyttelton’s Band181/59
UpbeatURCD187Kid OryPortrait Of The Greatest Sideman Ever Born181/59
UpbeatURCD188Macduncan Jazz BandLive At Lord Napier 1973, Feat. Sonny Morris183/63
UpbeatURCD189Ken Colyer’s JazzmenClassic Years Vol. 2184/64
UpbeatURCD191Alex WelshJust One More Chance184/65
UpbeatURCD192Vic Lewis’ New York Jazzmen& Jam Session184/65
UpbeatURCD193Alex WelshFeat. Dicky Wells, Bud Freeman188/58
UpbeatURCD195Sidney BechetA Portrait Of Sidney Bechet In Paris185/66
UpbeatURCD196Ken Colyer Trust N.O. Jazz BandSunset At Sand Bay188/58
UpbeatURCD197George LewisPortrait From Burgundy St. To Berlin188/68
UpbeatURCD198Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen And Skiffle GroupLost 1954 Royal Festival Tapes188/58
UpbeatURCD200Lonnie DoneganLife Story This Yere De Story188/58
UpbeatURCD201The Mac Duncan Jazz BandLive at the Lord Napier 1973 (vol.2)191/63
UpbeatURCD202Ken Colyer’s JazzmenThe Classic Years (vol.3)191/63
UpbeatURCD203The Temperance SevenTea for Two Eight (heruitgave van URCD101)191/63
V.S.O.P.02New Orleans Roof Jazz BandCor Fabrie Collection161/39
V.S.O.P.04Chris Blount QuartetIn The Parlour162/36
V.S.O.P.07New Orleans Wildcats1974/1980163/41
V.S.O.P.08New Orleans Wildcats1978163/41
V.S.O.P.1New Orleans ExpressIn Holland155/36
VagabondVRCD 8.96021Axel Zwingenbergerw Jay McShann159/46
VagabondVRCD 8.96022Axel Zwingenberger159/46
Vanguard79517Skip JamesBlues From The delta166/51
Vanguard79518John HurtRediscovered166/51
Verve243 249-2Ben WebsterUntil Tonight169/58
Verve527806-2The Rosenberg TrioGypsy Swing151/33
Vintage Jazz BandVJB 1945-2Harry James & H Music Makers1942-1944149/53
Vintage Jazz ClassicsVJC 1003-2Blanton – Webster Transcriptions 1941Take the A-train137/41
Vintage Jazz ClassicsVJC 1019-2Duke Ellington & his OrchestraConcert 7-11-1940 Crystal Ballrm. Fargo137/41
Vintage Jazz ClassicsVJC 1020-2Duke Ellington & his OrchestraConcert 7-11-1940 Crystal Ballrm. Fargo137/41
Vintage Music0021Princeton Triangle Jazz Band1924-1932174/57
VocalionCDEA 6011Bert AmbroseVol II175/59
VocalionCDEA 6015Billy CottonMusic Maestro Please175/60
VocalionCDEA 6028George Scott WoodKeep Tempo175/60
VocalionCDEA 6034VocalionSwing Series175/60
VocalionCDUS 3002Woody Herman OrchestraEight Shades Of Blue174/75
VocalionCDUS 3004Nat King Cole Trio174/75
VocalionCDUS 3005Gene Krupa OrchestraDrumming Man174/76
VPROEW 9410The Wooden IndiansCelebrations On The Planet Mars147/51
VPRO Eigen WijsEW 9629Conservatorium Big Band, Metropole OrkestDuke Ellington Program156/36
VSOP10New Orleans WildcatsThe Piroc Session164/36
VSOP11New Orleans WildcatsMeet NacDonald164/36
VSOP16Ray SmithPlays The Blues166/38
Wao1234Willie Ashman Original Jazz BandMelancholy178/74
Whoopee102004The Magnificent EightFrom Hot To Swing188/59
Wolf120.614Elko BluesVol. 1 Jesse Fuller, Smokey Hogg148/37
Wolf120.917Giants Of Country Blues GuitarVol. 2 1975-1991148/37
WolfBC 001Kokomo ArnoldOld Original Kokomo Blues162/46
WolfCD 120952Al Cook, Victrola Blues143/47
WolfWBCD 011Famous Hokum Boys1930141/37
WolfWBCD 012Famous Hkum Boys1930/31145/43
WolfWBCD010Memphis MinnieVol. 3 1949-1953143/47
WolfWBJ 015Tennessee BluesBukka White, Sleepy John Estes142/37
XYZGood Time Jazz Story152/49
Yazoo1058Blind Willie JohnsonDark is the Night133/49
Yazoo2019DeFord Bailey, Noah Lewis, a.o.Harmonica Players154/42
Yazoo2032Greatest Jug BandsVol. 1162/46, 164/43
Yazoo2033Greatest Jug BandsVol. 2162/46, 164/43
Yazoo2034Turner Parrish, Cow Cow Davenport, etcStrutting The Dozens162/46, 164/43
Yazoo2035Rent Parties & Good TimesShake Your Wicked Knees162/46, 164/43
ZonkFES (Flat Earth Society)The Armstrong Mutations182/64