Cassette Index

Arcadia W.C.Handy Muziek en interviews 127/22
Azure AZ-MC-17 Rusty Taylor 140/48
Bob’s Music BSP 12 Duitse Tanz und Swing Musik Swingtime Special 133/49
Bob’s Music BSP 13 Duitse tanz und Swing Musik Tanz Szene Berlin 133/49
Cassettoteek 1 Training College Jazz Band/Hazygate Bellhops 1964-1973 70/8, 71/33
Cassettoteek 2 Buddy’s Rabbits 70/8
CAT MC-63 Free Time Old Dixie Jass Band 129/29
CMJ CMJ-004 Dave Bailey and his Friends Darkness on the Delta 135/28
CMJ CMJ-005 Yank Lawson with John Petters’ Dixielanders We want to be Happy 135/28
Jazz Connoisseur JC117 Eddie Condon All Stars Tokio concert 1964 131/49
Lake LCA 3 The Delta FourĀ  feat. Chris Blount Into Each Life 133/49
Marl 99004 New Orleans Dusty Duds 130/36
Neovox 126 Ben Selvin 112/39
onbekend Joseph Lam Jazz Band Shaking the blues away 128/26
Philips ?? The New Orleans Wild Cats .1974 69/29
RCA PK 74766 Diversen Filmmuziek film “Bix” 135/20
Stomp Off C 1239 Bob Wright 140/38
Unknown 99035 The many faces of New Orleans Jazz vol.1 JAZZ Fest. Geleen 1990 132/43
Unknown CS006 Red Bean Jazzers Florence Alabama Bound 138/39
Unknown geen John Coles with the Sammy Rimington Band tbv.John Coles Benefit Fund 134/38
VJM VC 12 The Georgians 1922-1923 131/49
VJM VC 13 The Georgians 1923-1924 131/49